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Cutting Edge Entertainment has been providing DJ services for weddings since 1992. Where weddings once represented 30% of our overall business, the past few years have shown a significant increase in wedding bookings, where now weddings represent almost 60% of our business… quite an increase.

Initially, we figured that we may have decreased in other areas (bar mitzvahs, school dances, Sweet 16s, etc), but a closer look revealed an increase in those bookings as well, with a 20% increase of Sweet 16 DJ bookings, and a 10% increase of bar & bat mitzvah bookings for the 2010 and 2011 calendar years. Due to the “recession” of early 2008, our corporate events have dropped off significantly (and understandably), but the increase in wedding DJ bookings has more than compensated for it.

Without any real indicator as to why the wedding DJ bookings have increased, we decided to turn to our former Brides and Grooms, and ask why they chose Cutting Edge, hence making us a more prominent Philadelphia Wedding DJ company then we had been in years past. I phoned forty former wedding clients from over the past six months and asked what exactly it was that “tipped the scales” so to speak, causing them to choose Cutting Edge Entertainment over other DJ services they may have been inquiring about.

Here were some of our findings…

50% remarked that we didn’t pressure them to upgrade their package.

50% said they found our website and blog to be informative and easy to navigate.

60% said we got back to them the quickest.

60% said they felt confident that we would manage their party well.

60% remarked that they didn’t feel pressured into a decision to book.

75% said they thought our prices were competitive.

90% remarked that they found our staff to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

100% said that we did an amazing job overall.

Naturally, we were happy with these findings and wanted to share. In most cases I asked a few questions and then simply let them talk and took notes. I was glad to hear their individual stories and how in almost every case the client said that our DJ easy to work with on the day of their wedding, and that our customer service was so remarkable.  I was admittedly surprised that 75% said our prices were competitive, as I’ve always believed us to be on the higher end price-wise. We knew we aren’t known as the cheap wedding DJ, but it was good to learn we’re not the expensive wedding DJ. We offer great DJs at reasonable rates with good customer service, and we have happy Brides and Grooms, which is likely what has made Cutting Edge Entertainment the Philadelphia Wedding DJ Machine it is today.


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