It’s Not the DJ’s Problem… Or Is It?

DJ Jason

The appetizer won’t be out for another ten minutes, the kids won’t sit still to take a group picture, the videographer can’t get a good shot of the bride and groom’s first dance.

As a DJ, I shouldn’t have to worry about those things, or should I?

It is a common misconception that the disc jockey is only accountable for the music, and that all other aspects of an event don’t concern us. As an experienced DJ, I’ve been witness to quite a few “close calls”, where I took initiative to help prevent any of the guests from ever noticing what might have been a very bad situation. Whether by working closely with the caterer, photographer, videographer or other event professionals, or quietly handling some quarreling in-laws, it’s the job of an MC or DJ to ensure a smooth and flawless reception. In the end, a great deal of the success of an event rests on the shoulders of the DJ, which is why we must lend a helping hand to our industry counterparts to achieve the amazing party our client’s have envisioned.

I thought about this blog post as I was studying for an exam and reading over an article entitled “successful supply chains”. The article reinforced the idea that if you want to run a successful business, you must ensure that you do not just have suppliers and buyers in your supply chain, but partners that work together to build a mutually beneficial relationship. No sooner did I finish the article than I immediately put my book down and began writing. I thought of no better relation than that of a DJ and their “partners”… the event staff working that party along side of us. I won’t be studying for much longer, as I am graduating from Penn State in about two months, but I am excited to come home and start working with my Cutting Edge family once again, and doing what I do best… being a team player.

That is, after all, what makes a great DJ.

A Great DJ

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  1. Thanks Mark,

    It’s good to know that Cutting Edge isn’t the only company that shares this sentiment! By the way, I’m jealous of the weather down in Phoenix, we’ve been doing gigs in snow storms!

  2. Brian Lacivita

    Great post, Jason! We’ve all been there before. You’re right when you say “it’s not our job”, but in the end it is our responsibility to ensure a smooth and successful reception.

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