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Return to Beth David

Last month, I had the privilege of entertaining at the Beth David Sock Hop in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania for the second year in a row. This time our motley crew consisted of me (Tony),  Richie and DJ Foltzy, along with photographer Jean Valentin.

Most of the children had been to last year’s party, and instantly recognized me. From that point, the party took off like a rocket ship. The kids’ enthusiasm made our job a piece of cake, and everyone was out on the dance floor all night long. Valentin was bobbing and weaving all through out the room like a photographer at the World Series parade, while Richie and I played games with the kids like Connect and Coke & Pepsi. They were so pumped that we also gave prizes to the winners of an improv wheel barrel race.


The whole gang at Beth David was also privileged to witness the craziest hula-hoop contest of the last millennium. Our winner that night was able to spin the hoop from the top of her head down to her feet without stopping! I think we should hire her right now! The dancing was insane all night, and eventually Richie challenged all the kids to an extreme dance off with one kid even jumping on Richie’s back!


The evening flew by and before we knew it, it was time to say adios amigos. Some of the kids were so tired that their parents had to carry them out to the car. One parent said, “I didn’t think it could be better than last year, but it was!” We had an amazing time at Beth David. In the words of one of our youngest guests, “You guys rock! I am DEFINITELY coming every year!”  We’re also looking forward to some Bar & Bat Mitzvah parties coming up at Beth David as well, so we’ll see you all real soon!

– Tony A.

Photos by Jean Valentin Photography –


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