How The Earth Was Saved (Going Green)

Green Binders

Once upon a time there were things called ‘binders’ (see photo) which were used to hold something called paper. The type of paper that was held in binders was primarily for office and administrative uses, and was used to document information. Long ago, in the early ages of computers, businesses and schools would have hundreds of these paper organizing tools, each holding hundreds of these paper units (they were called sheets or pieces). It might be hard to imagine, but this ‘paper’ was made from trees, and we (the people of earth) consumed so much paper and paper related products that it required entire forests to be cut down.  As the forests were cut down, new forests were planted in their place, but it wasn’t long before the rate of paper product consumption overtook the efforts to compensate for the loss of forest.  It was inevitable that the Earth’s forests would soon disappear forever.

In January of 2010, Craig Sumsky, the owner and Director of a small entertainment company, attended a N.A.C.E. meeting at The World Cafe Live in Philadelphia where he heard a woman speak about “Going Green”.  At the time, this was a term used for a movement in which companies both large and small could make changes that would save the earth.  The woman’s name was Lori Hill of Lori Hill Event Productions, and she inspired Craig to re-invent the way his company did business, and to be mindful of his responsibility to future generations.

Craig’s efforts sparked a worldwide movement, and within a decade all companies small and large had reduced their consumption of paper to less than five percent of what in had been ten years before.  This was the catalyst for a continuing effort that found viable alternatives to fossil fuels, and inevitably reversed global warming by the year 2025.  Shortly after, the nations of the world were able to use their resources to solve the problem of world hunger, while finding a cure for cancer and locating the island where John Lennon, Elvis Presley, James Dean and Jim Morrison had been in hiding.

All kidding aside, Cutting Edge Entertainment reduced it’s paper consumption by over 50% in 2009, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to conserve resources and eliminate waste.

Check out Lori Hill’s website, and help make a difference.

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