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Mitzvah Dancer

Having been in business since 1992, Cutting Edge Entertainment has come in contact with a great many photographers. One of our favorites for many years has been Joel Perlish. Joel has an uncanny knack for capturing our staff in motion, while at the same time never missing a moment of the action on the dance floor.

mitzvah dancer spinning

I recently reconnected with Joel, who was kind enough to provide us with a couple of photos he took a few years back. These photos have been hanging in our office for several years now, but we never had the digital copies of them so as to show them off here on our blog. Joel was happy to provide them, and found the specific photos I requested within moments of my asking for them even though they were taken almost four years ago. Quite impressive.

The first is a photo of C.E.E. dancer Regina (now in her second year of law school), and the second photo is Kelly (now a middle school phys-ed teacher).

Joel Perlish Photography –

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