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DJ Richie


Richie Abrams has been with Cutting Edge Entertainment since about 1996.  Like so many other DJs that work here, I’ve watched Richie grow up from the boy with the baggy oversized hip-hop jeans shlepping equipment, through his high school and college years while learning the skills required to be a truly phenomenal DJ.

There is one major difference though between Richie and all those other DJs that grew up here at Cutting Edge… Richie became a better DJ than me.

Yes, I said it.  When it comes to technical ability, mixing music and reading a dance floor, Richie has surpassed his teachers.

As the owner of the company, I can’t even claim responsibility for Richie’s success and achievements, as it was my former business partner Mr. Joe Quinn who should receive a great deal of the credit.  It wasn’t until after Joe’s departure some time in 1999 that I recognized Richie as a rising star and scooped him up as my DJ on countless events that I worked as an MC in the Philadelphia area.  So I suppose maybe I finished his training, but only after he was already well on his way to becoming the Disc Jockey he is today.

Joe – if you’re out there reading this – trust me,  you would be proud.

I’m proud.

Years ago I might have had a bruised DJ ego, but today, at this point in my career,  it’s really a source of great joy to see Richie accomplish becoming the master.

As I write this I can hear Richie down the hall in the conference room speaking with a new potential client.  I hear a man,  confident in himself and his abilities reassure a soon-to-be bride and groom that he will stop at nothing to ensure their reception is going to be amazing, and that they can depend on him to make sure that the guests all have a great time.

And they can.

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  1. Tony Azzaro

    I agree Craig. Richie is a master at his craft. I have had the privilege of watching him at work many times and each time I am blown away. I think having him here provides an excellent learning opportunity for all DJs (I know I have learned a lot) and naturally forces us all to step our game up to the next level.

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