Caesar Salad and Your DJ

Caesar Salad

Whenever we meet with a bride and groom and review the agenda for their wedding, we always make it a point to ask what their courses are.  I think one of the most puzzling reactions I ever get is when I ask “Will you be having a Caesar or garden-style salad?”  I’ll get that look from the bride as if she’s wondering “Why the DJ cares what type of salad will be served?”

A caterer once told me that if a Caesar salad is left at room temperature for too long, it will wilt.  This basically means that because it is covered in Caesar dressing it might be less crisp to the bite.  When I, or one of the other Cutting Edge DJs ask a bride about what type of salad they are having, it is because in that particular situation we feel that timing is key, and we would like to make sure the guests get their salad fresh and crisp, rather than wilted and soggy.

Another caterer later explained to me the difference between a served and a plated salad.  Sometimes, the salad or some other appetizer type pre-entree course may be already sitting at the guests seat when they sit down.  Other times the waiter or waitress might serve the starter course.  Again, each situation calls for an awareness on the part of your DJ to be mindful of timing.

Along the way, an experienced DJ learns how to achieve a rhythm with the other event professionals.  Working with the caterer, the photographer, the videographer or the wedding coordinator assures smooth sailing and a successful reception.

At Cutting Edge Entertainment, we will do our part to make sure your salads don’t wilt.  We promise.

Photo by David Hershy

Photo courtesy of Meryl Snow of Feastivities Catering

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