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Justin & Reina’s Wedding

I had the honor of being a guest at the wedding of Justin Guarini and Reina Capodici on Saturday, Sept 26, 2009.  Photographer Stephen Brown captured a great moment (which is what a great photographer does).  Just before he snapped the photo, I remember saying something like “Alright, you two just make me look really cool ok?”  Reina was gracious enough to oblige, but from the look on Justin’s face I can tell he’s thinking “Oh I get it, Craig wants a picture for his blog.”

He was right as usual.

The wedding was intimate and magical at the same time.  Special thanks to the many friends and family who helped to put the event together, and to Cutting Edge Entertainment’s own DJ Adam Brand who provided the music and coordinated the formalities.

Justin & Reina, may you have the best of everything in your lives together.

-Craig Sumsky

Photo by Stephen Brown from Looking Glass Photography

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