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Sweet 16 DJ Philadelphia

Often times when I speak to clients who are planning a Sweet 16, they will inquire about a DJ with years and years of experience.  In most cases this would be quite a reasonable request, unless of course they were so many years that the DJ was an old dude.

Take it from me, an old dude.

Granted, perspectives can vary on your definition of old, but from the perspective of a sixteen year old it’s pretty cut and dry.  If they are as old as my parents, they’re old, and if they’re as old as my teachers (late twenties) then they’re ‘kind of’ old.

At Cutting Edge Entertainment we seek a balance.  A DJ with just the right amount of experience (particularly in the current music), while at the same time not crossing the “I can’t relate whatsoever to these kids culture” line.  That’s how we schedule a Sweet 16.  Someone with experience – but obviously not thirty years of experience – doing Sweet 16 parties, as well as other kid parties

Interestingly enough (as those of you out there who have teenage kids might agree), sixteen year old girls are fairly selective.  The only other thing that is just about as important as playing the right music is that the DJ is cool, (and I suppose it also doesn’t hurt if the girls think he’s cute).  Meet those prerequisites and you really can’t lose.

Enter DJ Foltzy (pictured above), who has been with Cutting Edge Entertainment since 2005.  Foltzy is one of several DJs that are – as Goldilocks might say – “Just right.”

But now you’re hearing this all from an old dude (moi), so let me hand the rest of this blog over to ‘the man’ himself… DJ Foltzy.

Hey everyone! My name is Steve, but everyone here at Cutting Edge calls me Foltzy (or DJ Foltzy). Being a DJ at a Sweet 16 entails a lot more work than you would probably imagine. From preparation to the party itself,  it’s pretty important to know all of the current hits, but just as important to know your crowd. For example, during my initial talk with the guest of honor, I ask what genre(s) of music she prefers; as a DJ I assume nothing, although typically all of the current top hits will be the selection. I come prepared for all types of music, so I’m prepared for any requests the guests might have. Before an event, I’ll often spend a great deal of time downloading and collecting the appropriate music necessary for the party. My goal is to make sure that the Sweet 16 is having the best time she can possibly have.

I will say this about my boss Craig… He’s not so bad for an old dude. He knows how to schedule the right staff for the right party.  It wasn’t all that long ago that I was going to Sweet 16’s myself (as a guest of course), and I saw enough DJs that probably would have been great for like a wedding or a bar mitzvah, or maybe even some big official corporate event, but they were out of their element at the Sweet 16. So from what I have learned as both a guest and a DJ, I’m pretty confident that I bring the perfect mix to my parties, and for right now – like Craig said – I’m “just right” for a Sweet 16.


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Photo by Jean Valentin

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  1. Miriam

    He’s more than just a pretty face! Steve works hard to make sure the desired music is available at the event. Personality and poise are also invaluable at an event of any kind. This guy has the package.

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