I had the great pleasure of being invited to a luncheon this afternoon at EventQuip.  What is EventQuip you may ask?  Well, prior to my tour today I would have said it was a tent company.  After touring their facility and seeing exactly what goes into what they do I would instead say that EventQuip is THE tent company.  Ed Knight, the owner of EventQuip once told me how passionate he was about ‘tenting,’ but until I had the opportunity to take a walk around EventQuip’s 35,000+ square foot base of operations in Landsdale, Pennsylvania I really could not have even imagined all of what goes into tenting.

So for starters, Ed Knight is officially the King of tenting.  I used to think I was serious about what I do, but this guy takes serious to a whole new level.  Not surprisingly, the enthusiasm for tents seems to be shared amongst his staff.  These aren’t people who just get the job done, but they get the job done well and the get the job done right.

The tour of his facility was just awesome.  I honestly felt less like Craig on a tour of Ed Knight’s tent warehouse and more like Charlie being guided through the Chocolate Factory by Willy Wonka.  The place was just that magical, or at least it seemed that way to me.  Each new area had it’s own purpose, and the place was immaculate and a model of efficiency.  Twenty foot tent washers that take eight pounds of detergent, and specialized fork lifts that allow for tenting equipment to be taken across lawns and golf courses without leaving any tracks were just a few of the nifty contraptions he had, and they were almost Seuss-like in their uniqueness.  Sixty foot tables for tent repairs and a tent storage area that seemed to go on forever just added to the immenseness of EventQuip… The place is nothing short of world class (If the Olympics were to come to Philadelphia, it would be Ed Knight doing the tenting).

One of the details that most impressed me was the general morale of his staff.  I really got the impression that Ed was a great leader, and his staff really seemed super knowledgeable, extremely efficient, and very very serious about tenting.  Ed might run one of the tightest ships I’ve ever seen, but the morale of his employees isn’t something he takes for granted either.  In his dispatch area he has job blueprints posted for many months to come, just to remind his staff that even in what might be considered a sluggish economy, EventQuip is thriving and there is job security for all.  This – to me – is the sign of a great leader, and Ed truly surrounds himself with some very talented people.

Lastly, and more on a personal note, I was happy to see a former DJ prodigy of mine (and a very talented one at that) Josh Palmer, who is the Mr. Scott to Ed’s Captain Kirk over there at EventQuip.   Overall it was a pretty amazing experience this afternoon learning all about tents and what goes on behind the scenes.  I encourage everyone to check out the EventQuip website to learn more about this truly impressive company.  If you’re doing any kind of tent, any size and any shape in the Philadelphia area I think you should really take a closer look.

After today, EventQuip will likely be the only tent company referred by Cutting Edge Entertainment.

If you want is done right, call Ed Knight.

And thanks for the tour Ed!


The EventQuip website – http://eventquip.com

or for fun, just type into your browser www.tentsthatdontsuck.com


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  1. Amy

    Craig – thanks so much for the great post! We really enjoyed your visit and really appreciate your kind words here.

    I too got a huge laugh out of the Captain Kirk analogy…

    Thanks again!


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