The Bar Mitzvah DJ in Philadelphia

This year marks the seventeenth year for Cutting Edge Entertainment, and my twenty second year in the mobile DJ business.

All those years ago (it seems like forever ago) when I decided to leave the company I had been working for at the time it was primarily because my boss at the time didn’t believe in the whole DJ/Dancer concept.  Ironically – as the last seventeen years have proven – he was wrong.

Most of my mentors – the DJ/MCs who I learned from and looked up to back in the day have long since retired, or moved on to other things.   The companies like Purple Haze and Fascinating Rhythm that kicked it all off have long since become extinct, and the original MCs that were the trendsetters are now the owners and creative forces behind the companies that have been the market-movers in the Philadelphia area for the last decade or so.

But as the song goes, “The times they are a’ changing.”

As 2008 came to a close – and with the failing economy – I noticed a change.  Philadelphia Bar & Bat Mitzvah customers began to wake up and realize that they didn’t have to pay $5,000.00 for a stripped down no-frills entry level Mitzvah package.  Like anything else, with this realization came both good and bad.

On the negative side, it forced some folks to settle on inferior entertainment solely based on price, and to be honest I can’t really blame them.  When your portfolio is shrinking and you’re holding on to everything you can people start looking around for alternatives.

The positive side?  Our phones have been ringing more than ever.  The parents of Bar & Bat Mitzvahs are shopping smarter, and spending wisely.  At Cutting Edge Entertainment they are finding sharp value, without comprimising quality, talent, or experience.

For 2009, Cutting Edge Entertainment has re-tooled, re-structured, and re-evaluated how we are doing business.  We are listening to our customers and meeting the challenges of todays economy head-on.   And no, you don’t have to compromise by giving up the ‘bells and whistles’ that make up the most festive elements of a Mitzvah party.

At Cutting Edge Entertainment we want your business.  As I said earlier, we have built our business on listening to the consumer, because as a consumer I feel the pinch as well.

Call us today, and let us help you create the simcha you always imagined without having to spend a fortune.  Schedule an appointment to meet with us at our office and let us show you how it’s possible.


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  1. Rhonda

    It is really great to see that you are keeping up with these tough economic times. How are you accommodating the people that are on strict budgets? Are you reducing prices to keep up with the times? Your phones are ringing off the hook. You must be doing something right!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @ Rhonda – Accomidating customers on strict budgets isn’t a difficult task. Asking questions and alterting packages are a great way to start.

    One of the ways we have been most successful is beginning to utilize our younger talent on events. Less experienced MC/DJs are naturally less expensive, yet their enthusiasm levels are very high and are willing to work hard for those clients willing to give them the opportunity to ‘break in’ to the market.

    It’s a win/win.

    Sometime in the next few months we plan to roll out with new streamlined packages. We have already been offering these to clients since January, but haven’t made anything official yet until we finish editing the promotional videos which we have recently made.


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