Client Testimonial: Dina & Michael Silberberg

The first time I heard about ‘Cutting Edge Entertainment‘ I was shopping for an entertainment package for our son’s Bar Mitzvah. I was overwhelmed; because we were trying to accomplish a complicated task by bringing together a multinational crowd of people who had never partied together. You see, I came from Ukraine 18 years ago; my husband was born and raised in Oxford Circle, Philadelphia; my mom came from Israel, while my guests had American, Russian, Italian, Indian and Israeli backgrounds. We were the only thing our guests had in common. OMG! Who would manage to fire up a crowd like that? I decided to go with my intuition. The first time I met Craig, I knew he would make it happen! The way he planned and implemented our party was magnificent! He orchestrated the room like a talented conductor. Everybody was on the dance floor; people did not want to leave, even when the caterers started to wrap up the tables. It was a great night to remember. We will be grateful for years to come and we will never forget it. Thank you Craig and your wonderful crew for the memories!

Dina and Mike Silberberg

Although I am grateful to Dina (and Mike) for submitting this testimonial, I am even more grateful for the friendship I have formed with them since the event.  I have had the pleasure of seeing them a handful of times at other clients events since their own and it feels as if I am reuniting with old friends. 


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