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Office Renovation

Hello, everyone!

I am feeling grateful.

It feels fitting that November, and subsequently Thanksgiving, coincide with the conclusion of a project that has consumed me for the past four years… a complete remodel of the Cutting Edge Entertainment offices. An undertaking that – at times – seemed to have no end in sight.

What could have simply been “a fresh coat of paint” spiraled into a full-on redesign, for which I take full responsibility. As the project finally winds down, I feel keenly aware of the many things I have to be thankful for, and the seemingly countless people who deserve my sincere and heartfelt thanks.

DJ Company

The whole shebang started several years ago when I read an article advising business owners ‘If you’re going to have a brick & mortar location for your business, you’d better make it cool’. While that made sense, I was unsure where to begin.

Not long after, someone on my staff poignantly reminded me how important it is to dream. The combination of those two thoughts set in motion a chain of events that resulted in what you see here… a cool space and a dream.

DJ Company

Beginning with my Cutting Edge team…

To Richie – The greatest of thanks to you. None of this, not one bit, would have been possible without you. You’re my friend. And you are a rain-maker. And because of you it never stopped raining through all the chaos.

To Kim – through four years of constant upheaval you kept Cutting Edge Entertainment from coming apart at the seams. You are at the heart of everything, and while I turned everything upside down you were there to turn it right-side up again.

To Jack – my figurative right hand and my literal left leg. You were there from the beginning and all throughout. I suspect that sometimes you didn’t even go home. Day after day you helped me do the innumerable little things I couldn’t. For that I thank you.

To Pedro – While Richie kept it raining and Kim kept it from flying apart at the seams, your IT systems saw us through and kept us true to our name… Cutting Edge. Much obliged.

To Colleen, thanks for the reminder <3

And to all the Cutting Edge Entertainment family, I hope you know I love you back.

DJ Company

DJ Company

And to my team of gifted artisans, craftsmen and other random folks who helped me achieve, and even re-imagine my vision, I thank you all.

To Jimmy Hamill – thanks for not killing me. I could not have done any of this project without you. I am grateful for your help and for your friendship.

To Steve McGough – you light up my life, man. Your knowledge, resources, skills and ideas were invaluable.

To Aren King (Les Artistes) – thank you for your art and for your ideas. But mostly for your kindred imagination.

To Eileen Finnegan (Frames Plus – Feasterville, PA) – our shared love of art and your keen eye for detail are priceless to me. You had a hand in 97% of the art that hangs in my office.

To Kevin York – (Kevin York Photography) your photography is a gift, and I am forever in your debt my friend.

To Sean Gallo – for being the filter I wish I was born with. And for being my friend since the 2nd grade.

To Dean Rubenstein – thank you for my stripe, and for all of your support.

To Ron for the yellow Parsons table, Mike for the guest chairs, and Ed for the crown molding.

To Mom & Dad – I love you. And thank you for believing in me.

To all my family, friends, colleagues and customers, thank you for everything. Feel free to stop in and visit with us in our new space and allow me thank you in person.

I am grateful.


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