The Talamore Country Club Wedding of Angela and Christopher

Cutting Edge Entertainment's Wedding DJ Richie rocks the wedding of Angela and Christopher at Talamore Country Club

The Talamore Country Club Wedding of Angela and Christopher

In December of 2016, I was the DJ for Angela and Chris’s wedding reception. The party was held at the Talamore Country Club in Ambler, Pennsylvania. A couple of weeks prior to the wedding we met for what we call a “wrap-up meeting”. This is where we cement the timeline, the formalities, the announcements to be made along with details and very importantly, pronunciations of names to be introduced. Angela and Chris are one of those couples that clicked instantly with me, and after speaking with them for nearly two hours, going over a timeline, music, my approach to my job and their vision for their wedding reception, I felt great going in to the big day.

When the big day finally came, my assistant DJ and I arrived at the venue about two hours before the start of the ceremony. We quickly got set up and settled in, before the roughly one hundred and fifty guests arrived. Being prepared is paramount to success. The ceremony was held on the property, and we were happy to provide the music and a microphone for the officiant and the vows. Following the ceremony we provided music for the cocktail hour, but were very conscious of the volume of our music. Of course we want people to hear the music we are playing, but, at the same time, we don’t want people shouting at each other as they are trying to mix and mingle. Once cocktail hour was over, guests headed to their tables and a few moments later, we introduced the parents, bridal party, and our bride and groom. Once we introduced Angela and Chris into the room, we had them begin their first dance.

Angela and Chris are definitely both party animals, and they really wanted all of their guests to have a great time. They picked the right Wedding DJ for the job, because getting (and keeping) people out on the dance floor happens to be my specialty. I played everything from “Shout” by Otis Day and The Knights to “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, and everyone had a blast. One thing remained the same… It didn’t hurt that this crowd was ready to go as soon as dinner was over, and did not stop until the reception came to a close.

Now, of course, I can’t take all the credit for the success of the party. I worked together with a great staff at the Talamore Country Club, who did a great job and were easy to work with. Great food is a key element to a successful party, and the food at the venue was outstanding. I also worked alongside Nick and Derek of ND Wedding Photography. They took some great pictures from the party.  Finally I need to thank the Angela and Chris for being so much fun to work with and get to know.  It is easy to keep the dance floor packed when the bride and groom are out there in the thick of it.  Everyone here at Cutting Edge Entertainment wishes you all the best, and we hope to see you on the dance floor at future events.

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