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Adam’s Super Superhero Bar Mitzvah

This past January I had the privilege of being the MC and DJ for Adam’s Superhero themed Bar Mitzvah.  Although I set out to do an amazing job at every party I do, this party was extra special to me. I’ve known the family for about six years now and I was the DJ for Adam’s older brother Matt’s Bar Mitzvah four years ago. I’ve also spent the past six summers working at Camp America with Adam’s family. With every client, it’s great to get to know the family beforehand so that I can hone in on their exact expectations, so as you can imagine, knowing the client beforehand makes success that much easier.

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As for Adam, he’s an amazing kid who knew exactly what he wanted. One of the best parts of my job is getting together with the family ahead of time to go over all of the details. Stacey (mom) had the day all planned out when she came into our office for the wrap-up, handing me a CD  of the music in the order and all the details typed out and ready to go. Their instructions were to just do my thing, and that’s just what I did. They wanted music from the 70’s on up to today and to keep people up on the dance floor dancing.  The theme for the Bar Mitzvah was superheroes and the only thing that Adam and I didn’t see eye to eye on was who the best superhero is… Captain America vs. Superman. His outgoing personality was infectious, and from the moment he entered the room his friends followed him around on the dance floor. He is definitely the leader of the pack and his friends did whatever he wanted them to do. I loved when Adam took the microphone from me during one of the games and helped my crew and I run the Singled Out Trivia game to see which of his friends knew him the best.

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Adam’s friends and family danced the entire night, and. his friends didn’t want to leave the dance floor and participated enthusiastically in every game and activity. They were out there for every dance, making my job very easy. You know it’s going to be an easy day when the kids are quiet and attentive during the candle lighting ceremony. It is always bittersweet when great a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah party comes to the end… As the DJ for a great crowd, you sometimes just want to keep things going.

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As always, It was a pleasure working with the staff at Northampton Valley Country Club in Bucks County. They run a great party every time, and everything flows flawlessly. A big shout out and thanks to Chorus Photography for allowing us to use these amazing photos from the Bar Mitzvah. To Adam, Matthew, Stacey and David thank you for letting myself and my crew being a part of your Simcha. It was a pleasure as always, and Mazel Tov to the whole family!


Images courtesy of Chorus Photography


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