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DJ Jack

Jack Duggan has been with Cutting Edge Entertainment since January of 2008, joining our team one month prior to his 16th birthday. Like most of our new hires, he began as an assistant roadie on smaller parties, yet in a matter of two years he was assisting as a second DJ on bigger events, like Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs and corporate events.

In his second year in college and in addition to being a DJ on more and more events, Jack took it upon himself to become more familiar with our lighting and production gear for larger events, quickly becoming one of the most well rounded employees on our team. In 2013, Jack took over our warehouse, assigning and maintaining our event gear. This is a huge responsibility, which Jack takes very seriously and his diligence has proven invaluable.

The adjective that best describes Jack is effective, the definition of which, “successful in producing a desired or intended result” pretty much sums him up well. Most of the tasks and jobs Jack has taken on he’s been a natural at, and those that posed resistance he found solutions for as any great problem-solver would.

In regard to Jack as a DJ, he’s personable, optimistic and upbeat. He has a vivid and innate eye for detail, and an absolute perfectionist when it comes to making certain his clients’ happiness is achieved. His music tastes are varied and expansive; making Jack a well rounded Disc Jockey in regard to his music knowledge and being able to play for audiences of all ages from Hip Hop to Motown to Rock & Roll.

Basically, Jack’s “the man”.

Image courtesy of Kevin York Photography


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