DJ and Photographer Caught on Hidden Camera!

Wedding DJ and Photographer

Wedding DJ Rich Abrams and Wedding Photographer Nicole Leigh were caught on hidden camera at the Cairnwood Estate doing what seems to be some ritualistic celebratory dance prior to a wedding reception.  Experts have evaluated these captured images, and are still yet uncertain as to the specific reason and/or meaning for the ritual.  While many suggest it may be some sort of superstitious “success dance”, done to ensure a fun and festive reception with great music and photographs for all, Professor Wilfred E. Goldsteinbergman of the University of America theorizes that it is simply the way they express the love of their job, a joy and happiness that cannot be contained as they await the guests arrival.

An initiative has been launched where hidden cameras will be installed at other unspecified wedding venues in order to further examine this unique phenomenon.  In the meantime, there is certainly no denying that these two wedding professionals are ready to party, and from looking at the hidden camera photos from throughout the night, this wedding reception was fun for all who attended.

More on this story as it develops.

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