The Cairnwood Wedding of Anju and Bert

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Having performed at numerous weddings throughout the years, you begin to assume you’ve seen it all and seen the emotional reactions from every angle. Then, one day, you and reminded –once again – that every event is unique beyond compare. There is never “one thing” that makes an event stand out above another, but a combination of moments and people that take the average affair and turn it into a memorable experience. These are the moments that keep me coming back for another season of weddings, especially in a location that becomes like a second home.

Anju and Bert were wed at Cairnwood on May 26, 2013. Their wedding merged their cultural backgrounds and created an event that will stand the test of time. Beginning with a ceremony on the front steps of Cairnwood, which led into a world-class photo shoot and a laughter-infused party, Anju and Bert reveled in every moment. Anju led a Garland and Sweet Milk ceremony during the opening sequence of events, while Bert’s family opened the dance floor to a traditional Hora.

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A blend of high-energy dance tunes (Flo Rida, The Wanted, Backstreet Boys) and heart-melting love songs (A Thousand Year, Christina Perri; What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong) kept the crowd moving all night long. It was an evening based on laughter, energy and fun; and one that needed a fraction of effort from myself. Anju and Bert put together a wedding that felt modern, yet classic. The merging of their families was accompanied by a blend of styles and emotions. The pictures tell you everything you need to know about this wonderful couple.

Thank you to the staff at Cairnwood for helping make it a perfect evening. Thank you Nicole Leigh for providing such timeless images.

Congratulations, Anju and Bert.

-DJ Brian

Images courtesy of Nicole Leigh Photography


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