Maria and Richard’s Radnor Country Club Wedding

bride and groom

It was the end of June 2013 when I had the opportunity to DJ the wedding of Maria and Richard. The wedding took place at The Radnor Valley Country Club. A couple weeks prior to the wedding I had the chance to meet with the bride and groom, to go over all the details of the wedding. We had a great time going over the music, and picking out songs for the bridal party’s “Grand Entrance”. Meeting with my clients before the wedding is by far my favorite part of my job. Being able to get excited with them, and assure them that everything is going to run smoothly and be lots of fun.

dancing 01

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This was a great crowd to DJ for, as the dance floor was packed full as soon as dinner ended. I usually start my first dance set with music geared to older guests, and play some oldies, Motown, Disco, and Funk, then later on in the night I segue into the current hits. The reason I do it this way is because older guests are the ones that tend to leave earlier in the night, and I have found that younger people – for the most part – will dance to music from older generations, while many older guests are hesitant to dance to popular music of today. As the Wedding DJ, it is my job to play music and get guests of all generations out there during the course of the reception. Maria and Richard were dancing most of the night, and their family and friends were right out there with them.

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This wedding is the first blog post I’ve had the opportunity to feature from a reception I’ve done at the Radnor Valley Country Club in Villanova, Pennsylvania, which is also very cool. I have worked at Radnor Valley Country Club before over the past few years and I am excited to finally feature it on this post. I also had a great time working with Unique Design Studios Photography. I want to thank them for letting me feature the images from the wedding on our blog. I also had the opportunity to work with CinemaCake Filmmakers. I look forward to seeing some awesome footage from this fantastic reception.

Most importantly, I want to thank Maria and Richard for choosing me as their Wedding DJ and allowing me to rock their wedding. Wish you all the best.

-DJ Richie

Images courtesy of Unique Design Studio

Wedding DJ and Lighting

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