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Lia’s Manayunk Bat Mitzvah

Just this past April, We had the pleasure of rocking out Lia’s Bat Mitzvah at the Manayunk Brewery & Pub, located in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. The party took place on the second floor of the Brewery, and the whole place had a relaxed, urban feel to it. The moment Lia and her friends arrived in their party bus, they ran into the place and were ready to party. From the first song of cocktail hour, the kids danced until they could dance no more. Lia and all her friends jumped up on the glow stages to sing and dance as the colors changed beneath them.

After a quick candle lighting ceremony, the party took off like a jet leaving the runway. This crowd truly was a juggernaut group. Once they were in motion, they couldn’t be stopped! It seemed as if the kids and adults were intent on “out partying” the other group. The kids danced with my dancers and myself the entire afternoon. We danced to everything from Rick James and Michael Jackson, to Pitbull and Bruno Mars. The adults had no problem keeping up with the high pace, and even showed the kids some old school moves to some MC Hammer! It didn’t matter the song, this crowd danced to it.

Bat Mitzvah DJ 2

The only time the party stopped was for a mandatory game of Coke & Pepsi, which Lia insisted must be played at her Bat Mitzvah. Well, the adults were treated to an epic spectacle. The energy of these kids was in NO way subdued during the game, as they raced across the dance floor to their partners. No one in this bunch was going to be last! After the showdown that was the Coke & Pepsi final, the adults jumped right back out on the dance floor to rev the party back up to full throttle. We partied the rest of the afternoon, until it was time for everyone to go home. I made sure to stop at Wawa on the way back to the Cutting Edge office for a gallon of water, seeing as I am convinced I lost 5 pounds at Lia’s Bat Mitzvah from dancing so much!

Bat Mitzvah DJ

Mazel Tov to Lia and her family on their special day, and thank you for allowing the cast of Cutting Edge Entertainment, including myself, to be a part of your Bat Mitzvah!

-Tony A.

P.S: Thank you to Mark Tassoni for the fantastic images.

Images courtesy of Mark Tassoni


Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah
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