The Cairnwood Wedding of Karen and Sean

All of the couples I work with usually hear a lot of references from me about preparing for “fun” and how their big day is “dinner and a show”. Occasionally, I get to work with a couple who take those references and make them the center of their party. Karen and Sean were all about the “fun” before they even walked down the aisle, planning an evening that was centered on the dance floor and keeping their guests on their feet. A Wedding DJ couldn’t ask for anything better.

The Great Hall in Cairnwood has seen many romantic ceremonies and fun-filled formalities, and this day was no different. A quick ceremony that was lined with laughs led directly into a brisk cocktail hour. Knowing they wanted their guests to remain active and full of energy, Karen & Sean decided on a “cocktail party“ setup instead of the traditional table-seated arrangement, choosing high-top tables to give the evening an “elegant bar” feel.

Wedding DJ Philadelphia

Wedding DJ Philadelphia

The tone was set during introductions with songs by DeadMau5 and Avicii. Their first dance, along with the selections for parent dances, had a rock-vibe with tracks by My Morning Jacket, Weezer and The Beatles. After the parent dances the night took on a new attitude with the reveal of a well-planned and timely flash mob! Gangnam Style became the song of 2012 -at least the last few weeks of 2012-  and our bride and groom wanted to ride it into 2013!

With the crowd hyped and ready to party, the rest of the night was a sweat-filled dance machine!

Wedding DJ Philadelphia

Congratulations Karen & Sean! Thank you to the staff at Cairnwood for another wonderful wedding.

-DJ Brian

Images by Gina Guarnere Photography




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