My Second Family…

Bat Mitzvah Dancer

The last Bat Mitzvah I ever attended (and I attended quite a few), was for my friend, Leah, at a venue formerly called ‘Kat Man Du’. That’s where I first met Craig and his amazing staff at the party, which included two DJs and two dancers. Craig and the dancers seamlessly blended in with the kids by being extremely funny and personable (not to mention the fact that the dancers were truly phenomenal dancers, which made them even more likable). Craig and I also bonded immediately over our mutual love for the Beatles, and he even pointed out that my name is the same as John Lennon’s mother, and I think I blew his mind when I told him, in fact, that was who I had been named after. I loved every song they played, and I was out on the dance floor the whole night “cuttin’ a rug”. At the end of the party, Craig gave me his card, told me a little bit about Cutting Edge Entertainment, and asked me to audition for a dancer position in his company… I couldn’t have been more excited.

I have been working at Cutting Edge Entertainment for a year and a half now, and from the moment I was hired, I was welcomed into the Cutting Edge family with open arms. Family is truly the best word to describe this company. We all work together, support each other, and love one another like brothers and sisters, and I always feel right at home amongst my co-workers. They are all the nicest and most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to collaborate with. When I was first starting off with Cutting Edge, I was young- much younger than any of the other dancers, yet they all treated me with as a peer. Since working with the Cutting Edge team, they’ve helped me understand what ‘teamwork’ really means.

CEE is like one big melting pot. Every dancer, DJ, and MC adds their own unique flavor to the mix. Everyone is different; everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. But being the professional and supportive family that we are, everyone balances each other out. That’s what makes us truly impressive. We each have our own one-of-a-kind personality; whether it is the DJ who knows how to make anyone laugh, the spunky newbie whose smile can light up a room, or the outgoing dancer who has a natural groove. CEE has all of those- and about a hundred more. These are the amazing and unique people who have supported me through everything.

They’re my family, and they are awesome.


Image Courtesy of Joel Perlish Photography

Bar and Bat Mitzvah
MC, DJ and Dancers

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  1. Ashley Krassenstein

    Julia!!! That was so nice! Love you girl and you are such a star here at CEE. You are a great addition to the company and I enjoy working with you every time:)

  2. Regina McKenna

    Craig always has been a great recruiter. Love hearing about how amazing CEE continues to be! <3 the former dancer turned old lady lawyer, Regina

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