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Aaron and Sue’s Philmont Country Club Wedding

As a Wedding DJ, one of my objectives, and one shared by every Wedding DJ at Cutting Edge Entertainment is not to do the same wedding twice. Cookie cutter weddings are not fun for the guests, the DJ, nor the bride and groom.  A bride and groom want their wedding to be the best and most memorable experience, and we share that desire. I personally would not be doing this anymore if I had to play the same thing every weekend, which – for me – would be a form of torture.  Making each wedding unique to the particular couple I am working with is what makes (and keeps) my job fun and interesting.

When Aaron and Susan came into the office for our wrap up meeting, they forewarned me that after dinner, there will be a mass exodus from the room. The older crowd will have drank and ate well, paid their respects to parents of the bride and groom and wished good luck upon the bride and groom, and would depart thereafter. This was a surprise to me, and I immediately thought this was going to be a tough crowd. However, I was told that this is more of cultural tradition amongst the Asian community at such events. The guests who are not a part of the immediate family or close friends leave out of respect to those who are, so they can “let loose” so-to-speak.

Aaron and Sue – knowing that the older guests would mostly be gone by the time the real dancing started – requested a “90’s” theme for the evening. Being relatively close in age with the bride and groom, I could immediately relate to their concept of “90’s” music, and loved putting together the music format to compliment their vision. We shared some high school flashback songs during our meeting and a great time.



The party was at the stately Philmont Country Club in Huntingdon Valley. The weather was beautiful and it allowed the guests to enjoy the spacious deck during cocktail hour while we played the classics from swooners like Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, with hints of some newer tunes from Colbie Caillet and Norah Jones. Introductions into the room were followed up by Aaron and Sue’s first dance to remake of the classic “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” by Joshua Radin. After dinner finished up, we hit the dance floor hard, with some of the requests played being P. Diddy “Mo Money Mo Problems”, Nelly “It’s Getting Hot in Here” on up to the music of today like Calvin Harris “Let’s Go!”. Aaron and Sue’s friends and family had the dance floor packed until the end of the night. The photographer team of Scott and Kristi from Littlewing Studio were out there with the guests snapping away to get all those great times captured, and the Philmont Country Club’s staff were on top of their game as always. Our guests walked out of the ballroom that night sweaty, laughing, and smiling.

That’s when I know memories were made.

And to Aaron and Sue, I wish you both the best.


Images courtesy of Littlewing Studio


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