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Amber and Andrew’s Bucks County Wedding


A Bride and Groom who make a wedding and a marriage together often embrace their commonalities, but when a Bride and Groom are introduced into their reception wearing the colors of their rival sports teams – Flyers and Penguins – they are embracing their differences, which is what this Bride and Groom did. Coincidentally, this set the stage for a wedding filled with a unique brand of fun which was a new experience even to me, a seasoned Wedding DJ.

Amber and Andrew were married at the Spring Mill Manor in Bucks County on June, 2012. Even though I have conducted events at this location many times, it was the first chance I had to do the ceremony near the gazebo in back of the facility. Most venues have features that separate them from the others, and this is a special one. Flanked by the sounds of Disney and by the chirping birds that highlight any beautiful day, the ceremony may have set the world land-record for fastest nuptials. When they request the Relient K song, “Must Have Done Something Right”, as the recessional following the ceremony I knew they were thinking outside the box and making this “their perfect wedding”.

They created a game plan that blended a traditional feel with some 21st century surprises, including creating a photo/scavenger hunt that asked guests to take specific image from a list using disposable-cameras found on each table. Along with the “photo hunt”, they created a custom event program that informed guests as to the schedule of the evening but as a history lesson about themselves.



The upbeat feeling continued throughout the night, starting with our Bride and Grooms entrance to the theme from “The A-Team”. Amber and Andrew, her clad in a Pittsburgh Penguins sweater and he in his Philadelphia Flyers colors, proved that even a long-standing hockey rivalry can’t stop the love between the two of them. After sharing their first dance to “2 is Better Than 1” by Boys Like Girls, Amber took the floor with her Dad to “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac and Andrew surprised his mother by playing “The Twist” halfway through his dance with her; a great way to show his guests that they should be ready for a party.



Dancing for the evening was a hodge-podge of classics and new jams, only broken up by a laughter-filled Bouquet Toss and Garter session. To switch up the tradition, the girl who caught the bouquet placed the garter on the guy who caught it. Amber and Andrew rocked the floor with their friends and family until the very end.

Thank you to Wil Reiner and Reiner Photography for the amazing images.



Love conquers all, and even a sports-rivalry cannot come between best friends. Thank you for the opportunity to take your wedding to the apex. The journey of marriage can be a bumpy one, but even a line of tape down the middle of the couch for a few hours (maybe even including overtime) will only build the foundation for a love that will last forever.

Congratulations, Amber and Andrew.

-DJ Brian

Images courtesy of Reiner Photography


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