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Disclaimer: No, we don’t offer photography as an add on to your wedding.  Our core competency is Disc Jockey, and we leave the photography to the Photographers.   Photographers are people who love photography enough to make it their lifelong study, and they practice with a passion.  Anyone can take a picture, but none can truly capture image after image of exciting and breathtaking perfect moments like a photographer.

Photographer Nicole Leigh works with our own DJ Richie quite often, as a matter of fact, he was even the DJ at her wedding.  Whenever Richie and Nicole come together as DJ and Photographer, Nicole always manages to catch Richie in a moment.  That’s one of the things a great photographer does… capture moments.

I was inspired to write this blog after reading a fantastic blog post from Wedding Consultant Mark Kingsdorf titled ‘The Worst Wedding Photos Ever’, where he offers some invaluable advice to brides in the planning stages of a wedding on what to look out for.  Great article for anyone looking to hire a photographer really.


The two photos here – in my opinion – are just the opposite of that.  The first, taken at a Cairnwood wedding where Richie was the DJ, shows Richie in a pensive moment, just before the bride and groom introduction.  It’s a great moment – with the bride and groom standing on the landing just beyond – and Nicole seems to have truly ‘captured’ it, as the subject seems unaware of her presence.  The second, again with Richie as the Wedding DJ, shows Richie on the microphone, engaged with the guests.  Again taken by Photographer Nicole Leigh, she catches Richie in a true Wedding DJ moment, at a wedding at the Joseph Ambler Inn.

Thank you Nicole for these images.



Images courtesy of Nicole Leigh Photography

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