The Talamore Wedding of Michelle and Dan


Although I’ve been a DJ since about 1995, this past November of 2011 was the first time I got to perform as a Wedding DJ with my parents in the ‘audience’. My mom and dad have always wanted to see me DJ, but this was the first opportunity in which they were invited guests at a wedding where I was performing. The wedding was for my cousin Dan, and his new wife Michelle. I have to admit that I was a little nervous in the weeks leading up to the wedding because  I was going to know a majority of the guests (family). However, once we arrived at the Talamore Country Club, the butterflies in my stomach started to fade away, as I concentrated on the task at hand. This wedding is always going to be one of my more memorable ones, as it was the first time I got to get my own parents and family members out there dancing to the tunes I spun.

During this wedding I provided music not only for the reception but for the ceremony as well. The good thing about having a DJ play music for the ceremony is that there is virtually no limit to the type of music we can play. We have all different options from your traditional wedding marches, to string quartet, piano, harp, jazz instrumental, and much more. Another positive of having us do the ceremony is that we can also provide a microphone for the officiant, bride, and groom. Whether you want a lapel mic or a standing mic, we can guarantee all your guests, even the ones sitting all the in the back, can clearly hear everything.





As far as the reception goes – well – it was amazing.  Dancing, drinking, and joy.  Part of what makes me so lucky to do what I do for a living.

Michele and Dan are a perfect couple, and I had a lot of fun working for them. I also had the chance to work with photographer Issy Schmid, who did a fantastic job.

-DJ Richie

A few weeks after the wedding Michele was nice enough to submit the following testimonial on the Knot.

OMG my friends and family had the BEST time!!!!! Richie and crew did an excellent job with lighting, sound, and overall entertainment. The music we choose along with Richie’s knowledge of what goes well at a wedding was the best. I also liked that when I told Richie something not to play he did not play it. We will definitely use cutting edge and Richie again as well as refer them to our friends and family.

Images courtesy of Issy Schmid Imaging


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