Robyn and Howard’s Tendenza Wedding


In November I had the opportunity to DJ the wedding of Howard and Robyn. The wedding was held at Tendenza, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tendenza is a fairly new facility that has only been around for about a year. It is a modern take on the traditional ballroom, which makes it a great alternative for those looking for something different from the standard, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular venues in the City of Philadelphia. When Howard and Robyn decided that they wanted me to DJ their wedding, I was excited to once again play at this great facility.

I first met Robyn many months before her wedding at our office, and the one thing I will always remember about Robyn is her awesome high energy. I love meeting brides-to-be, and always feel lucky to be chosen to contribute my DJ services on what is one of the best, and most special days in a woman’s life. Much like many young women that are planning a wedding, Robyn was extremely excited. Our first meeting was pretty much a brainstorm on how we could make her wedding a lot of fun. then, a few months later when Robyn and Howard met with me again, we put together a timeline in which we did our best to get as much dancing time as possible during the five hour reception.




Traditionally a party on a Sunday night does not have the same kind of oomph as one on a Saturday night, however, this was not your ordinary wedding reception. Whenever a party starts with a near fifteen minute hora with everyone crowding the dance floor, it sets itself apart from other wedding receptions. Also the hora was not an ordinary one, it was named the “Howie Hora”, which was printed on t-shirts worn by groomsmen and other guests. From start to finish there were always people out dancing. A great wedding and an amazing bride and groom.

Before I conclude this blog post I would like to thank the photographer of the event, Tiffany of Atlas Wedding Photography. I have worked with her a few times now, and she is a dream to work with. She is always ready with camera in hand to capture all the events as they unfold, and I am very excited to get to share these images from this amazing reception with all the readers of our blog.

Congratulations Howard and Robyn!!

-DJ Richie

Atlas Wedding Photography


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