A DJ, Sigma Sound, & The Sound of Philadelphia


The perks that come with being the member of the event community usually do not occur until you either make a few friends, or pay some heavy dues. However, there are times that you can simply fall into the perks. During my career as a mobile DJ I have had the honor of working in some posh locales; top-floor receptions in swanky hotels, invite-only dance floors in $40-a-head clubs and private spaces at each of Philly’s professional sports venues. This was one of the few times I was “awed” by the history of a building.

Sigma Sound Entertainment and Sigma Sound Studios has been a staple of the “Philly” sound since 1968. Located in Center City Philadelphia, less than a block from the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Sigma Sound is the home of music that has resonated for the better part of five decades. As a music enthusiast, self-proclaimed “sound of Philadelphia” buff and a life-long resident of the city itself, it was a surreal experience. Put a seashell to your ear and you’ll hear the sounds of the ocean, put your ear to the ground and you may hear the stampede coming, but put your ear to the walls at Sigma and you can still hear Teddy Pendergrass’ silky tone, Usher’s smooth falsetto and Michael Jackson’s youthful yearnings. If every room in a house can tell a different story, then each room in Sigma Sound has a story with its own soundtrack.

The M.P.I. (Meeting Professionals International) event that took place on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 was focused on the future of the entertainment/event industry – actually, every industry is headed this way – the integration of social networking into a business’s daily life. It was organized by Feastivities Catering and featured a speaker who is a published expert on social networking. His presentation instructed the proper ways to apply FaceBook/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc as a productive way to expand and organize your professional life. Much of the material was aimed at young professionals beginning their careers, many of which are students at Temple University.

Thank you Feastivites, M.P.I. and Sigma Sound Studios for your generous hospitality.

It was an honor to DJ at the event, design the music program and play the songs that defined an era of music in Philadelphia, as well as feel the vibes that are located within the walls of the studio. When the past (the “sound of Philadelphia soul”) met the future (social networking); a host of new stories will be written.


For more information on booking Sigma Sound for your next event, contact Feastivities Catering.


Click below for a small glimpse into the music recorded at Sigma Sounds
The Sound of Philadelphia

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