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Guest post by Kenn Dranoff

Typically the last thing done for your affair, and often times – aside from parental budget imposed upon them – one item of all the things that has to be done that the child has the most control of.  In essence, they get to pick a product and make a design that they like.

If handled correctly, this should be one of the less stressful parts of planning the affair.  I always recommend starting the process about six to eight weeks prior to the affair. This allows time to finalize the design and product, leaving you to just wait for the rsvp’s to come in.  For those clients wanting to start earlier (six months to a year) I would highly suggest waiting, as the childs’ tastes, hobbies ,and interests – all of which go in to the making of the design – often change as they mature from the age of twelve to thirteen.

Try to find a party favor supplier with their own art department versus just one that uses clip art, or, where you are limited to using their pre-selected designs. Kids like their design to look original, or to reflect something about themselves. It’s also important to find a supplier with many years of experience as certain things change. Today for example, girls like to wear their tees cut smaller (but their hoodies oversized) with a  thinner softer material like you would see in Old Navy or American Eagle, whereas just a few years ago everyone was wearing heavier oversized cotton tees. Sweatshirts are very popular, but they must be hoodies or zip hoodies. A crewneck sweatshirt would be a waste of your money. Keep in mind, in the case of a Bat Mitzvah, not to make the design too “girly” or to use feminine colors in the product or the ink colors. The boys may never wear it, and again you would be wasting your money.

As far as giving them out, there are lots of ways, one being to put the favor in a gift bag – available at any dollar store – putting each child/guest’s name on the bag and leaving it on a table for when they leave. This will avoid any chaos when giving out the favors during the affair.  Or, if it is something you might want them to wear at the affair, you could give them out at the beginning of the affair in a similar way.

Remember to carefully proof the final design. Nothing is more embarassing  than having the wrong date or a misspelled word! Just deal with a company that has been around for a while, don’t be afraid to ask questions or to see a sample if you are unsure about anything. The party favor is a fun item so enjoy and Mazel Tov with your affair!

Kenn Dranoff
Mr. D’s Tees

We have been using Mr. D’s Tees for well over a decade now.  They are a fantastic company, and not only do they deliver a high quality product, but they own their own screen printers, and don’t ‘send out’ their orders to be done off premises.  Additionally, they stand behind their work.  Highly recommended!!

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