The Wedding of Jessica and David


Every wedding is special, and every time I’m chosen to DJ a bride and groom’s wedding, I feel honored, yet sometimes, the reasons for being chosen take on a much different significance. When Jessica’s mother Julie first gave me the call to reserve the date for her daughter’s wedding, I was speechless, not because I was the chosen DJ – for which I of course was honored – but because only fifteen years before, I had been the DJ at Jessica’s Bat Mitzvah!

Jessica and David’s wedding was held at Spring Mill Manor in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the guests came ready to celebrate. Both Jessica and David were great to work with, both because they really wanted to make it a great party, but also because they were very open to the idea of making sure we played something for everyone, to ensure all had an amazing time. In many respects, they gave me a “DJ green light” to play what they entrusted would be what we thought would really work.




For a DJ, “reading a dance floor” or, evaluating what song to play next to get the maximum impact from the guests is something that comes with experience. David’s family hailed from the great state of West Virginia, while the Bride’s family was made up of lots of Bucks County folks with a little bit of Cuban flavor, which made for a diverse crowd, but along with my DJs for the evening – Steve and Justin – we knew just what this crowd needed. David, Jessica, and their family and friends were out dancing even when they weren’t supposed to be – the energy was just that infectious. The guests came dressed to the nines and ready to party, and when things were at their peak, Jessica and David were right out there in the thick of it.

On a more personal note, Jessica’s parents are awesome folks who I’d worked with before and love very much, but David’s parents – whom I’d only met at a preliminary meeting – were warm and endearing, and greeted me that day with a West Virginia University shot glass (where the bride and groom met), and a bottle of West Virginia Moonshine! David’s mom was out on the floor all night and gave me the biggest hug at the end of the reception.




Thank you to Jess and David for allowing me to share in your special day as your wedding DJ, and to your families and friends who were just plain awesome. I wish you both all the best, and I look forward to seeing you both again.


Images courtesy of Hy Paul Studio

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