The Cairnwood Wedding of Patrick and Jackie


One of the best things about being a DJ is that I get to be a part of some amazing events, particularly weddings. Writing about weddings on the blog is kind of my way of paying tribute to the job I love so much. I’m able to develop a really strong connection with so many of the brides and grooms I meet. As we sit down and begin to talk about the wedding, it’s like talking to friends about this awesome party we are going to have. I also love sharing the enthusiasm with my clients. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, which sometimes have months of planning, dreaming, and anticipation that boils down to that one magical day.

Patrick and Jackie’s wedding reception was held on Friday May 27th at the Cairnwood Mansion. Luckily for me and the other DJs at Cutting Edge Entertainment, Cairnwood is an amazing site we’ve performed at quite often. In fact, we have more blog posts about Cairnwood Weddings than we do about any other venue. The staff there – along with many of the preferred caterers and photographers – has worked alongside Cutting Edge Entertainment countless times. The vendor list at Cairnwood is based on recommendations from their other professionals and previous blog posts we wrote about Cairnwood, which made Cutting Edge Entertainment Patrick and Jackie’s number one choice for their DJ entertainment. It was a great joy to get to know the bride and groom and share this amazing day with them. Their family and friends were very enthusiastic dancers, and once I got behind the mixer and did my thing, the party didn’t stop.


My assistant DJ for the night was Zach, who rocked a pink vest and tie that evening. Zach has been a member of the Cutting Edge team for close to five years now. He is a talented, hard working guy, who splits his time up between working at Cutting Edge, college, and working as an EMT. Zach is a valued member of our team, and can pretty much do it all, like setting up and running our intense light shows or actually being behind the mixer and beat mixing perfectly with his ears, not needing the aid of a computer screen. A proud member of Cutting Edge Entertainment’s extended family is Allure West Photography, which is run by the dynamic duo of Natalie and Jung. Over the past year, I have gotten the chance to know them very well and I’m always pleased to find out a client was sent our way through their recommendation.

We also worked with Karen’s Caterering – one of the Cairnwood preferred caterers – and, as always, they were an absolute pleasure to work with. The team of servers, bartenders, and the great chef herself (Karen) always do a fantastic job. Working with them is always a treat and I know their clients appreciate all of the hard work they put into all of their events.


This was truly a great wedding, and one of the highlights of my summer. Patrick and Jackie will be four months happily married in a few days. I thank you for having myself and Cutting Edge Entertainment involved in your party, and I look forward to keeping in touch with you both. Wishing you all the best.


Images courtesy of Allure West

Catering by Karen’s Catering


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