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This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of being the MC and DJ for Brian and Kimberly’s wedding at the ACE Center. Additionally I might add that this may be the fastest wedding blog post ever posted to this blog, meaning, I have never before gotten images back on the Monday following the wedding. When I sat down at my desk this morning and opened my email, I was pleased to find these three images provided by wedding photographer Jen Cleary.

That being said, the wedding of Brian and Kimberly couldn’t be fresher on my mind, as it seems like only yesterday (or the day before). Brian and Kimberly were really fun clients to work with, and once their guests started dancing, the seldom sat down dancing all the way through dessert. Kimberly looked radiant and beautiful, and Brian was the consummate and doting groom, and the two of them seemed to be dancing together constantly. Their guests were great, and after dinner and parent dances (and a few drinks) they were jamming out to everything from rock to current stuff, but I think they loved the 80s set most. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the ‘exploding bouquet’ which came during dessert. Unlike most bouquet tosses, this one we invited up not just the single ladies, but all the ladies, and when the bouquet was tossed, it separated into about a dozen separate flowers, each bearing a fortune for the respective recipient.

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Brian and Kimberly had some very specific requests, and after four revisions of the timeline, the ACE Center staff helped immensely in making sure all ran smoothly and as planned. Brian couldn’t have thanked us more, coming up almost a half dozen times telling my DJ Adam and I that we were doing a great job. in reality, the success of a wedding has as much to do with awesome guests and a fun bride and groom as it does with a great DJ, and Kimberly and Brian’s input as to their music was an invaluable key to the reception being so perfect.

After the last song, Brian one again came up to thank us and I responded by telling him what a lucky guy he was and what a great person I thought Kimberly was, to which he replied “Marrying Kim was like winning the Powerball, the Mega Million and the Casino Jackpot all in one, I’m the luckiest guy in the world!!”.

Good luck to you both, and may your lives be filled with love.


Images Courtesy of Jen Cleary Photography

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