Backstreet’s Back… And New Kids On The Block


Last Sunday night, I was transported back to the time when the Y2K bug plagued the minds of many and the iPad was something you would expect to find in a science fiction movie; I attended the NKOTBSB (for all of you who never fully embraced your teeny-bopper selves: New Kids on the Block combined with the Backstreet Boys) concert at the IZOD Center.

After I got over my initial shock that Nick Carter was no longer eighteen and that some of the New Kids even seemed to have grey hair, I found myself enjoying, and singing along to, each and every verse of this snippet from my childhood. Before I continue, I should add that I really only offered backup vocals for the Backstreet Boys. The New Kids released their last major single right around my sixth birthday, so I am not too familiar with their music.

I especially enjoyed “Larger Than Life,” and “I Want It That Way.” The Backstreet Boys released both of these songs on their seminal 1999 album, Millennium. I remember listening to them on repeat, on my Walkman of course, while at Camp Timber Tops. Hearing these songs again brought back many great memories from an incredibly fun summer. It’s amazing how we can associate so many seemingly forgotten moments with a song! I would love to know what songs you connect to events in your life.

While the concert was definitely one of the best that I have been to in a long time, my favorite moment of the night took place before the opening act took the stage. My dad, who has gone out of his way to connect me with my favorite singers in the past (Cutting Edge alum, Justin Guarini surprised me at my brother’s Bar Mitzvah party), got me into the soundcheck party. The guests of honor? The Backstreet Boys. I not only got a hug from each member but also got a picture with the group.

Thanks to my dad for taking me to the concert and for the opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream of meeting the Backstreet Boys. Also, thanks to Craig for welcoming me back to the CEE blog.


Cutting Edge is happy to welcome back Sydney as a contributor to our blog. Syd hasn’t contributed a post since 2009, as she’s been busy a The University of Pennsylvania… doing schoolwork. Syd’s been part of the Cutting Edge family since she was about fourteen, so it’s great to have her sharing her musical adventures and perspectives with us once again.


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