Julia and Mark’s Spring Mill Manor Wedding

Spring Mill Manor Wedding

The best part of working as a DJ is that I have fun at my job. At the office, at a party, meeting clients, or behind the mixer, most of the time I am having a blast. Now if you go to meet a doctor you expect and probably want him or her to be serious, because your health is important, however, when you are meeting with me, well, I’m a DJ, and the main purpose of my job is to make sure you and everyone at your party is dancing and having a good time. Most wedding receptions are fun celebrations you share with your friends and family. I have a great time meeting with brides and grooms and talking about their wedding, going through a timeline, talking about the music they like to dance to, and just visualizing the day with them. I feel that many folks who choose to book Cutting Edge Entertainment because they have a good time meeting with myself and our staff, and if we can have fun in a meeting for a hour, it’s likely  that we will have a great time at a four or five hour reception. I am confident that is why Julia and Mark chose Cutting Edge to DJ their wedding.

The wedding was held at the Spring Mill Manor in Bucks County, and I was happy to be back at this venue. We have been working at both the Spring Mill Manor and Spring Mill Country Club for years and it’s always nice to work at a familiar place. We added some green uplighting to the already beautiful ballroom, and then once cocktail hour ended, we introduced the parents, bridal party, and the bride and groom into the room. It was when I saw a lady climb up on her chair to see one of the bridesmaids give a groomsmen a piggy-back ride into the room, a big smile appeared on my face because I could already see this was going to be a wild night.

Once dinner ended we had the whole room up on the dance floor, playing a little bit of everything from the sounds of Motown, to a little Rock and Roll, of course some Disco, and progressing all the way up to the current Top 40 hits of today. To go along with the dancing, we gave out some party prop giveaways. We don’t do as many parties with these giveaways anymore, because some consider them cheesy. Now if I may, I would like to defend this option that we offer to clients, because, well, not that many other DJs do. I don’t mind if people say that dancing with a hat on your head, sunglasses on your face, and an inflatable guitar in your hands is cheesy but while some may like it, and some may not, we think they can be a great add-on. I know many wedding magazines and professionals may frown upon things like party giveaways because they are goofy, but I think being goofy is fun. Imitating the guitar solo in “Shook Me All Night Long”,flipping around your hat like Michael Jackson does for “Billie Jean”, or showing off your blinky ring during “Single Ladies, Put A Ring On It” is awesome. In my opinion, there is nothing cheesy about letting loose on the dance floor, and then a few weeks later once you get the pictures back being able to laugh at yourself. To me that is just having a good time, and like I said earlier, that’s part of my job.

Spring Mill Manor Image

Spring Mill Wedding Image

This is my first time featuring images from Casual Candids on the Cutting Edge blog and I’m looking forward to working with them again soon.  Joyce and Jessica are an awesome mother/daughter photography team and they do a great job.  Speaking of teams, I need to mention my awesome DJ Assistant for this party – Joey. The best part of working with and training DJs is watching them progress and get better. Joey is becoming a flawless beat mixer, and is able to read a crowd as good as any DJ I’ve worked with.  Finally, to Julia and Mark, thank you for having myself and Cutting Edge Entertainment at your wedding. I think that was the first time I saw a couple roll in the piano from the lobby onto the middle of the dance floor at Spring Mill Manor. With Julia on top of the piano singing and Mark playing “Piano Man”, so happy to have been your DJ.


Images courtesy of Casual Candids

Spring Mill Manor


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  1. julia and mark buckley

    The wedding was awesome! Partly because our bridal party was crazy and fun but also because we had great entertainment all night long!
    Thanks guys,
    Mark and Julia

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