Danielle and Gian’s Bucks County Wedding

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As a wedding DJ, I am honored with the great privilege of meeting meet many adorable and charismatic flower girls. There are many elements to what makes for a great flower girl, the most important being a level of excitement and enthusiasm. The job of a flower girl is not only prestigious and important, but it also comes with great responsibility. To start off, you come down the aisle directly preceding the bride the bride. Your duty is to make certain that aisle is covered with flower petals for the bride to walk upon. The next thing is you must have a great smile, as flower girls get their pictures taken over and over again, so you must be always on the ready for the photographer. Now, in my personal opinion as a wedding DJ, flower girls have to be great dancers. When the music starts, you’ve just got to be out on the floor getting your groove on. For those adults reading this, do you remember when you were young and you would dance no matter what kind of music was playing? You didn’t a few drinks to let loose, you were ready as soon as the DJ opened up the dance floor. Then, you had the energy to dance all night, without needing to take a break.

At this particular wedding reception, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the coolest flower girls I’ve ever met… perhaps one of the coolest of all time, and her name was Gianna.

Danielle and Gian’s wedding reception was held at Celebrations in Bucks County on January 30th of 2011. This was my second wedding of the New Year and I was very pleased to work with such an excited and fun couple. During our wrap up meeting, we spent hours just listening to music and picking out great songs for the cake cutting, bouquet toss, grand entrances, and other wedding formalities. It was also my chance to meet the flower girl. She was very involved in the meeting as well, telling me all the music that she likes to dance to, – which wound up being pretty much everything. The day of the wedding finally came, and the bride and groom looked amazing. Smiles never left their faces throughout the ceremony, for which we provided both the music and microphone. Once the ceremony concluded we moved on to cocktail hour. I played a little bit of everything during the cocktail hour from Frank Sinatra to Nat-King Cole, and even some Four Seasons. When everyone came into the room from cocktail, they were met by beautifully prepared table setting with the room all aglow with up lights giving the room a regal, purple glow, setting the ambiance for the great party to come. Once the guests finished dinner, we had everyone out there on the dance floor. And who might you ask was the first person out on that dance floor? You guesses it… none other than flower girl Gianna.

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I had the chance to work with Tina and Derek from Celebrations, who did a great job providing the best service to the bride and groom along with all of their guests. I look forward to doing many more weddings at Celebrations. I also got to work Dave Jackson from Action Images.  Dave did a fantastic job of capturing the wedding, and his images came out great. I am very grateful that he allowed me to share them with all of you on our blog. Finally, to the bride, groom (and awesome flower girl), thank you so much for having me be as your wedding DJ, and allowing me to share in your special day. I and the rest of the staff at Cutting Edge Entertainment would like to wish you all the best.


Images courtesy of Action Images – www.actionimages.org



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  1. Danielle Quaglia

    Our wedding day is something that I will never forget; every detail helped to make it special, from the cake topper down to the music played during the garter ceremony. Gian and are I grateful to the staff at celebrations, an on-the-top photographer, and the team at cutting edge entertainment…And obviously, Gianna is mostly grateful that the music was good enough to keep her little 4-yr old self a dancing sensation.

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