The Bucks County Wedding of Emily and Dan

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We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful afternoon at Spring Mill Country Club for Emily and Dan’s Ceremony. As a guest at the wedding I was able to see things that I would normally never be able to see in the past when I was behind the DJ booth.

The MC for the evening was Rich Abrams who I’ve known for well over a decade and have had the privilege of working with dozens of times, and rocked out countless parties together. When you are the MC for any event, you are very busy coordinating with the photographer, the caterer, the DJ, videographer, making sure the volumes are appropriate, preparing the next step in the evening, etc., you really don’t get much of an opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the party. This time…. I was able to… And I did.

Being a former DJ, and still a DJ at heart, I always was/am/will be very critical of any Disc Jockey that was working at a party in which I was a guest. I knew that Rich was a phenomenal MC and DJ (so much so that I always ask him to DJ any of my parties that involve music) – so when Emily told me that she was getting married my first question was, “Did you pick a DJ yet?” I know that the most important part of a successful party is a great DJ, and I knew a remarkable one, Richie Abrams. Emily made the decision to go with Richie for her wedding and I couldn’t have been more excited. I knew the wedding was going to perfect and I couldn’t wait for the party to start.

During the ceremony, everything went wonderfully – Emily and Dan were all smiles, all the guests were so excited for them, and I’m sure everyone was ready to celebrate in honor of the new Mr. and Mrs. Ruvolo.  Once we got into the main room, the atmosphere was perfect – up-lights were around room coordinated with the colors of the wedding party, great music playing as people walked in – I was ready to party. And, as all things good, it went way too fast and the party was over. The guests danced all night – had a great time and I was very excited to be a part of it. Congrats to Emily and Dan I am sure they had as much fun as we the guests did and I can’t wait to be a guest again at one of Richie’s parties (my feet hurt that entire night).

-Tony Donato

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Emily and Dan’s wedding at Spring Mill Country Club in Bucks County was remarkable. I was particularly lucky at this wedding because a good friend and co-worker, Tony Donato, was at the wedding as a guest! Everyone was on the dance floor the entire evening. The crowd was awesome, and clearly a reflection on Emily and Dan. They are such a fun and energetic couple, and each of their guests was the same way. Everyone was out on the floor living it up and soaking in every second the whole party. The vibe from the guests really fueled me and I rocked them out to everything from oldies like ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ and ‘Twist and Shout’ by The Beatles, to the popular dance classics like ‘Billie Jean’. Not a person in the place was silent when ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey came on. I am very lucky in my line of work to get to meet so many couples, and get to hear so many interesting stories about how they fall in love. Emily and Dan met at work, both are teachers. Dan introduced himself to Emily at a faculty event after noticing her at work. They sure taught me a thing or two about how to party!

Congratulations and Best Wishes Emily and Dan!


Image of Emily and Dan courtesy of Jayne Toohey

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  1. Emily

    I just want to thank you again! Tony told me that with Richie as my MC, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything during the night. And then, at the end, I would be astonished that everything went so smoothly. He was absolutely right. The timing was perfect, the volume just right, and the atmosphere was exactly what we had hoped that it would be. Thanks Richie and Tony for helping us to remember the best day of our lives in your blog and for making it the best that day!

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