Megan and Ron’s Aldie Mansion Wedding

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The last wedding reception I got to DJ in 2010 was at the Aldie Mansion, and it was the wedding of Megan and Ron. At Cutting Edge, we consider ourselves lucky to have such a great relationship with this popular – and elegant – wedding venue. Kim, Shelly, and the rest of the staff at Aldie do a great job making everything perfect for their clients, and are very easy to work with from my perspective as well. The mansion was decorated beautifully for the holiday season, and really made everything seem that much more enchanted, which was a special treat for Megan and Ron, who were excited to have their weddings so close to the Christmas holiday. Like all of the wedding couples I worked with in 2010, Megan and Ron just wanted to have a fun wedding and keep everybody on the dance floor all night long. The one thing I will always remember about this Megan is that she has a super smile. Now, in case you are reading this and asking, “What is a super smile?” Well I’ll gladly tell you. You see, when most people smile they grin and you see their teeth and they look happy, however, when Megan smiles not only is she grinning but also her eyes light up and her eyebrows raise just a bit, and that sort of smile is infectious, and when Megan smiles Ron responds with a big happy grin as well, likely because he realizes how lucky he is.

Aldie Mansion Doylestown Wedding Image

We added up lighting to the room at Aldie, which gave the room that extra glow, and helped create some colorful ambiance. At Cutting Edge Entertainment, we use LED up lights (LED stands for ‘light emitting diode’). Other DJ companies in the area use different kind of up lights, but we prefer L.E.D. for several reasons. First because they don’t get hot (that’s right, no heat), which is good especially if you have young children at your event. I’ve heard stories where a young child touched a halogen up light (basically, flood lighting) and scalded their hand. Another reason we use L.E.D. is because of their ability to change colors during the party. For example, at this wedding the bride and groom wanted the up lights to be set on an amber color, then later in the evening we were able to set the lights to a sound active mode, which means the up lights were changing colors to the beat of the music. It is a great effect when you are dancing and all around you the walls and ceilings are changing colors to the music.

Megan and Ron’s wedding reception was lots of fun, and the dance floor was jam packed the entire night. I can’t take all the credit though, as the staff at Aldie Mansion did a great job (as usual). This wedding was my first opportunity to work with photographer Jeff Reeder, who was great to work with and was able to capture some great images. Finally, to Ron and Megan, your wedding was a perfect end to my 2010. I always like to end things on a high note, and your wedding was just that. We at Cutting Edge Entertainment wish you all the best.


Images courtesy of Jeff Reeder Photography –

Aldie Mansion (two sites)

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  1. Megan

    I’m so glad we went with the uplighting. The amber tones made the room feel so warm and welcoming for guests. It really added a special touch, and it was very affordable in the grand scheme of things. Don’t be fooled by the photos where the uplighting might look a bit underwhelming. In person, it’s much more impactful.

    Once again – I can’t recommend Cutting Edge and Richie in particular enough! Three months later I’m still getting compliments about the music.

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