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Ilana’s Sweet 16 at Maggio’s

Maggios Southampton Sweet 16 Image

Of all the Sweet 16s I’ve been the DJ for, I have never come across a client that was more excited for their party. Ilana contacted me two months before the event, letting me know how excited she was for her party, and was anxiously awaiting to talk to me about it. The anticipation grew for Ilana and myself as November 6th came closer. Her continued excitement about her night, made me give even more than my normal 110% to make sure she has the night of her life. She warned me that the crowd would be large and ready to pack the dance floor, and I promised her that they would be throughout the night. It seemed to me as though the crowd was going to be what I would consider the “Sweet 16 Dream Crowd”.

Maggio’s restaurant in Bucks County was the venue for the event. Our crew transformed the party room into a club-like atmosphere. Carl, our expert on lights, put on a spectacular show as DJ Ben and I took care of the music. Her request list was filled with great dance music, and it was our job to make sure that the joint was jumping. The dance floor was packed from the minute the guests walked into the room, and stayed that way until the end of the party. As Ke$ha would say, “The party don’t start til I walk in,” and that fits Ilana to a T. Her energy and excitement throughout the night only made it that much better, because her friends followed suit. As a DJ, my job becomes much easier when the birthday girl is so enthusiastic; I built off the positive vibe from her, which definitely made my job a great deal more enjoyable.

Ilana, it was such an honor for me to DJ your Sweet Sixteen. I am glad that I made you night so memorable, and I will not forget this party as well. Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration!

DJ Steve

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“The Philadelphia Sweet 16 DJ Machine”

Here is what Ilana had to say in a letter to us after the event:

I want to give a special thanks to Cutting Edge Entertainment, especially the best DJ in the world Steve Foltz. My party would not have been as much fun as it was if it was not for Steve. The music he played were the latest and hottest hits, and he sure got everyone to their feet. I know I could not move after my night! He truly made my special night a day that I would never forget in a million years, and I am so grateful that my friend recommended him. I am not sure what I would do without him. Thank you so much Steve, you are the best!!!!!


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