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Having been back, and, well, kind of in the thick of things here at Cutting Edge Entertainment for about six months now, I can’t help but take notice of all the changes that have taken place in the brief time I was gone.

I guess the first place to start is the office itself, specifically the conference room where we meet with all of our clients. Previously, we had a conference room with a nice flat screen TV and DVD player to play our “demo videos.” Today, in the conference room, we have WiFi and the lap top hooked straight into the flat panel TV so we can access an endless data base of all our music to help our clients choose the songs and create the perfect mix for their event.

Another pretty cool change in the office, which is one of my favorite changes, is the “game room.” Previously the room adjacent to the conference room was filled with classic arcade games like Centipede, Donkey Kong, Arkanoid and Space Invaders. It’s now been converted into a totally themed-out Beatles ‘Rock Band’ room, complete with multiple guitars, a bass guitar, drums, microphones, some thumping speakers, a flat panel TV and all sorts of nostalgic Beatles pictures and posters. Kids enjoy playing Rock Band, while their parents can talk with us in the conference room about the upcoming party. Honestly, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s fun for us as well. Whether just to blow off some steam and rock out at the end of the day, or after unloading equipment at the office after an event late at night on the weekend, it’s great for morale as well.

Probably one of the biggest changes that I’ve noticed is the “digital world” of DJing really taking full form. With all the new advances in technology and digital DJ music programs, it didn’t take very long for the company to install it on most of our DJ systems. This new advancement allows a DJ to locate a song in a matter of seconds by simply typing in the name of the song, artist or album and mix it into the flow of the evening seamlessly from the computer through the mixer and out to the speakers. This is miles away from the way things used to be. Decades ago, you would sift through the dozens of milk crates filled with records (yes, records) to find the right song, pull it and make sure you have it at the correct speed (and on the correct side). The age of the compact disc made things a lot easier for the mobile DJ, but still required time to sift through the CDs for the right song. Looking back, it all seems so archaic.

All in all everything that has changed is what has kept Cutting Edge on the ‘Cutting Edge’ in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas. Yet with all of these changes for the better, collectively they allow for an even more significant change; the ability to give the client the best party possible. Because in the end, isn’t that what really matters most, you and your guests having the time of your life… I think so.

Tony Donato
Networking Director
Cutting Edge Entertainment

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  1. Tony Azzaro

    Tony D,

    Love that you are back at CEE. I remember when I first came to the company, and all the help that you gave me. You are someone who can not be replaced, and no one works for his clients harder than you do. Glad to have you back!!!

    PS: Love that Rock Band!

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