The Hotel DuPont Wedding of Michael and Irene

A question I get asked every once in a while is, “What is your favorite part of a wedding?” I use to answer, “The End!” After my work is done, and if I did a good job, it is a very satisfying feeling. However, over time my answer to that question has begun to change. Today, I lean more towards saying, “Before the wedding.” It may seem like an odd answer, but preparing before the wedding is as important and as fun as the wedding itself. At Cutting Edge Entertainment, we meet with all of our clients a couple of weeks before their wedding to go over all their details. Not only is it important to plan out all the details with the bride and groom, but I also like to get to know the couple as well… I think it helps me to do a better job for them.

Over my time doing weddings I have met some interesting couples. Everything from high school sweethearts, to people who met at work, pairs that met each online. I even got to know a couple in which the groom who was a priest and left his clergy in order to pursue the girl of his dreams and marry her. While getting to know these couples is great, I always enjoy doing weddings of people I know a little bit more. This brings me to the wedding I did back in August of Michael and Irene. Mike and I attended grade school together, and we became friends back in Elementary School. We would go over each others houses play video games, watch TV, but the thing I remember most about Mike from back then was his baseball card collection. He had the most awesome collection of cards, which beat out my rag-tag stockpile by a long shot. We would spend hours going through all his baseball cards and determine which cards were worth the most amount of money. As we grew up we spent less time together, and then after we graduated high school we lost touch altogether. It was through a friend of his whose wedding I had done that he found out I was a DJ. I was happy to be able to reconnect and get to know his now wife. At our wrap up meeting after going over the wedding details, we reminisced on the good old days back in Elementary School.

Hotel DuPont Wedding

Now onto the wedding, at the Hotel DuPont in Delaware, and the ballroom there is magnificent. I worked with Jillian, Michelle, and the rest of the DuPont’s staff. They are on top of every last detail, and after seeing them in action it is easy to understand why the Hotel DuPont is such a popular venue. Michael and Irene’s guests were a blast. We played a full array of music from Billie Jean by Michael Jackson to Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna. The pictures were taking by the incredible Mary Kate from Kate’s Lens Photography. Her photos came out great and she was great to work along with. Speaking of reconnecting, I got to DJ with an old friend of mine Brian Lacivita. Yes folks  he’s back, and the rumors are true he is a top notch DJ. With the two of us back there mixing it up, we were able to keep the dance packed all reception long.

Thank You to Mike and Irene for giving me the opportunity to rock out your wedding. I wish you both all the best!!


Photos courtesy of Kate Timbers Photography

The Hotel DuPont

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  1. Brian Lacivita

    Thanks for the shout, Rich! It’s been a smooth transition in my return to Cutting Edge and this party was the perfect segue. The party really is a partnership between entertainers and guests. This was a rockin’ party.

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