Saturday October 2, 2010 Update

This is busy season.

I haven’t chimed in with a blog post in a little while. In the month prior to what may prove our busiest month as a company in eighteen years of business, we have been busy as bees in preparation. Overhauling every sound system, overhauling our warehouse, auditioning new staff, meeting with wedding and bar/bat mitzvah clients some of whom are inquiring about our services and others – booked clients – meeting with us to do wrap-ups. Our office has been both electric and hectic, and now that September is gone, it’s game time.

This morning I picked up Pedro from the airport, came home, and was inspired to write in the hour I had to spare before I would need to hop in the shower, organize a few more things (like pack up the laptop I’m typing on right now), and head in to the office to meet Adam at 2:00pm to load up for our wedding.

Our DJ schedule is packed with bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, sweet 16s and Halloween parties, and we’re turning away clients at this point as we are booked… solid. Our dancer schedule is no different, with poor Nate having to work every weekend while Tony is away in Rome but don’t feel bad, Nate won’t be so poor when he gets his paycheck.

Although I’ll be back to posting more blog posts before too long, right now I’m just too busy.

We are just too busy.

Thank you to everyone, from the venues who recommend us, to the Philadelphia event industry professionals who refer us clients and invaluable endorsements, we are in your debt for helping us to turn survive to thrive.

But even more, I want to thank my staff. For late crazy hours and tireless dedication to success. Thanks to Pedro for kicking my ass, thanks to Carl for fixing my ass and to Marc for covering my ass this past year. Ironically the biggest thanks to Richie for ignoring my ass altogether and concentrating on more important things. Thanks to Shoshana for being a real leader to the sapling dancers and along with Tony and Nate’s help making us the crack team that we are.

And thanks to every staff member I didn’t name, you all busted your humps this year and you all deserve recognition, but it’ll just have to wait til busy season is over.

But now I need to get to my wedding, so again, thank you to everyone for helping us to stay so darned busy.

Humbly Yours,


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  1. Tony Azzaro

    And thank you Craig for bringing out the best qualities in us to make us the entertainers that we are…Glad Nate is getting rich off my absence hahaha I hope everyone in the CEE family is doing well, I miss you all!

  2. Kit Azzaro

    I am sure Tony will be happy to relieve Nate when he gets home….he will need the “lira”!!! Plus…a little birdie told me that he misses working!?! That’s the sign of a happy company when you are livin’ La Dolce Vita and still missing work!

    Attaboy Craig and CEE!!!

    Kit Azzaro

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