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Jordy & Theresa’s Abington Art Center Wedding

I worked with Jordy and Theresa on October 2, 2010, and I have to honestly say, they were what I would call dream clients.  First, I think it’s important to say that they were both very easy going, laid back, extremely easy to work with and overall just really cool people.   Aside from that, what really made them such dream clients is the ideas and input they had regarding their music program.  They communicated well, provided specific parameters, and allowed for us to help make their event truly unique.

My first indication that there was something truly special about Jordy and Theresa was that they were Beatles fans (score one for the DJ who loves The Beatles getting matched with the client who wrote a thesis on The Beatles).  They infused Beatles tunes into their ceremony, their formalities, and the dancing segments as well.  And they didn’t just choose any Beatles, but instead carefully hand (or ear) picked specific versions of Beatles songs, some acoustic, and most notably an excellent soundtrack selection from the movie Across The Universe.

Musically, during the dance sets, Theresa and Jordy had one very specific request… no hip hop was to be played.

Singing along image

Now some DJs might have seen this as an obstacle, being that hip hop is so popular as a dance music, but my DJ Adam and I were excited.  Instead of falling back on todays hits, we were able to get creative with a great mix of Motown, soul, oldies, rock, 80s and of course, The Beatles.   The crowd loved it.  Adam and I went everywhere from Bon Jovi and Journey to The Outfield and Tom Petty to Elvis Presley, and yep, The Beatles.  As you can probably tell by the photos, it was non-stop dancing and a constant sing-along with great people having a great time.

Wedding Singer Image

Bottle singing Image

As always, Glenn Pitt and the folks from Culinary Design did an outstanding job with the food, and a big thanks to the bride and groom for seeing to it that we ate something.  This was the first time we worked with Aaron Mitchell Photography, and they were easy to work with, very professional, and as you can tell by the photos, captured some amazing moments.  Of course I can’t forget to mention the folks at The Abington Art Center which is a fantastic facility to work with and a beautiful and unique venue for a wedding reception.

Bride Image

But mostly, thank you to Jordy and Theresa for being so darned cool, and for dancing all night long.  May the both of you have an amazing life together filled with everything you ever dreamed of.


Photos Courtesy of Aaron Mitchell Photography – www.aaronmitchellphotography.com






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