Liz and Jay’s Aldie Mansion Wedding

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August was hopping at Cutting Edge Entertainment, as I had weddings every weekend, and one of those weekends I got to DJ at one of my favorite places, the Aldie Mansion.   The building dates all the way to 1927, and was the private residence of William and Martha Mercer (of the Bucks County Mercers). During their years at the mansion, they hosted many events with superstar guests like Groucho Marx (very cool). The architecture and craftsmanship of the building is breathtaking, and no matter how many times I’m there I’m always taken in by the grandeur of the venue.

Aldie Mansion Wedding Image

This particular wedding was to be for the very awesome Jay and Liz.  Liz happens to be one of the best kinds of brides; the party animal. She and Jay were definitely the stars of this show, and played the role of bride and groom to perfection. They were out their on the dance floor the entire time, and when I played a song like “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, Liz and her guests had no problem grabbing the microphone from me to sing along.

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For this wedding the bride and groom added on up lighting to their package. We use L.E.D. up lights, which in my opinion are great because they are multi-functional. For the first half of the wedding, we had them set on a bright purple color (color chosen by the bride and groom). Then, once dinner was over we switched the lights to a sound activated mode, where the colors change to the beat of the music.  I always enjoy adding this extra element to the room, as I believe it makes the atmosphere of the room that much more festive and fun for a party or reception.

Kim and her staff at Aldie Mansion did a wonderful job, and I’m looking forward to my next wedding there in just a few weeks. Again, I also worked with Mike Landis Photography, and as you can tell by the photographs, his work is great, and he’s great to work with as well.  I know his past clients love his work, and I would recommend him to anybody looking for a professional photographer for any event.   Finally, big thanks to Liz and Jay.  I had a lot of fun at your wedding, your family and friends rock. I wish you both all the best.


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