My DJ, My Wedding

Hello faithful Cutting Edge Blog readers! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Justin and on occasion I am a Cutting Edge DJ/MC.

In the months leading up to my wedding that took place a couple weeks ago, people who knew me would always end up asking me one question: Are you going to DJ your own wedding? Now after my wife said no to that idea for the twenty third time, it became apparent that I had to find someone else. But who? One of the other people I worked with many, many times at the company I work for of course! And that person was my good friend Richie at Cutting Edge. Now it helped that I had known Richie since High School, but that wasn’t the reason I picked him. I picked him because I knew he was great at what he did.

Being a DJ myself makes it difficult to attend a wedding as a guest and not look at it like through the eyes of DJ, critiquing what you would do differently and what song you play in all situations from cocktail hour until the last song. Any DJ out there knows what I’m talking about. Once you think like that you can’t turn it off. So I knew if I did that during my own wedding I wouldn’t have much fun unless I put the DJ part of in in competent hands. I also didn’t want to worry about anything like introductions, parent dances and the all important cake cutting. So I went to the guy I knew could pack a dance floor from beginning to end without me having to break a sweat. And I can truly say that the only sweat I broke was on the dance floor, having the time of my life! Both my new wife and I have said many times over the past few weeks that we had more fun at our own wedding than any other we had ever been too!

So as a consumer and a satisfied costumer, I would completely recommend Cutting Edge to any wedding couple out there looking for a DJ that makes everything from beginning to end so easy to deal with. Any song you want, any insane request, any idea you can’t think of yourself. Your guests will have a blast from start to finish!

Justin Kutcher

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