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Okay so we all have the desire to want to look good and more importantly the desire for others to think that we look good, but with the fashion trends constantly changin and few things remaining constant, this can be a completely daunting task. These are the quick reflections of a young stylish adult.

Being a 22 year old soon-to-be college graduate I am often placed in a weird place in the world of fashion trends, the middle ground.  You don’t want to seem too old with your attire while at the same time you are well past the days of big name brands molesting the clothing you adorn. The best policy is to keep it clean and keep it simple.

With this hot and humid weather, a nice fitted pair of jeans and a classic sneaker is an option you can never lose with. Most of the time this is what I choose. Its clean classic and timeless.  Sperry’s (a brand of boat shoe) are also a must have in every closet for the summer season.

One of the most important things about clothing is that it must match your personality.  Before you are even given an opportunity to express yourself verbally, your appearance speaks volumes.  This is a very dangerous and powerful fact.  This allows a person to give off whatever impression they wish to simply by what they choose to wear.

The next is to make sure that your clothes are appropriate for you.  There is nothing worse than seeing someone who is wearing something that is completely too small for their body.  Smaller is not nessicarily sexier (women tend to violate this rule the most).  I love women with all my being but when I see a women who is a XL trying to fit into a Medium, the next thing i see is four people slyly TwitPic’ing her.

Lastly I greatly dislike this “skinny jeans” movement.  It’s a personal choice of course which is what I talked about earlier but I would be remiss if I didn’t sound off on this nonsense.  The worst part about this whole movement is that  I’ve never seen a guy wearing these ‘super skinny jeans’ walking with a girlfriend.  Bottom line, your jeans should not be as tight as the ones your girlfriend is wearing.

Just some kick reflections of a young stylish adult.

-Nate Jones

Nate is a dancer and MC with Cutting Edge Entertainment.  To learn a bit more about him, check out some of these posts on our blog.

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  1. Dr. Denim

    When you say “skinny jeans movement”, do you specifically mean skinny jeans typically worn by skater types (Abecrombie style)? What jeans and jean styles do you think are appropriate in general? This post is sort of lame, because you skirt around with some general ideas but don’t give any specific style advice.

    Also, if that purple shirt you are wearing is considered “stylish”, then you probably should point out that this is specific to black guys.

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