A Beatles Journey: So Far

A Beatles Journey

So here I find myself, almost a year after my first blog post about The Beatles, and subsequent meandering journey in search of Beatles lore.   I read someplace that you know you are obsessed with something when in the instance the subject is brought up in conversation, everyone in earshot turns to look at you.  So it is with me and The Beatles.

I began my journey not on August 3, 2009 – the day I posted my first article on this blog about The Beatles – but rather thirty years earlier when the first record album I ever purchased was a Beatles album.   Like Kevin Costner’s character in Field Of Dreams, who through his teenage years rejected his true love of baseball, I, like teenagers often do, found myself listening more to the music of the day… the music my peers were listening to. In essence, I lost my Beatles way. Teen angst is funny like that.

I’ve been in the Disc Jockey business in some fashion or another for well over twenty years now, and through my twenties and thirties I had love affairs with many bands, genres and music styles, all of which suited me just fine for their time.  My love for music is rivaled only by my love of reading, and I’ve been voraciously tearing through books since I first learned how to read.  It took reading a book about The Beatles to re-awaken the Beatle beast inside me, and I haven’t stopped since, nor do I see an end to my new found passion anytime soon.  As they say in “The Secret”, I’m “manifesting” The Beatles.

Upon finishing Larry Kane’s “Lennon Revealed”, I had decided to write a review titled “A Beatles Journey: Larry Kane & John Lennon”, and post it to this blog.  I decided that if it was to be a proper blog post, I would need a photo of John Lennon, so I reached out to photographer Bob Gruen, who willingly provided one (see the post).  It was then that I realized that The Beatles were not just four guys in a band, but a parade of auxiliary cast members who make up The Beatles circle.  Some, like Bob Gruen and Larry Kane are actually somewhat accessible, as I was able to meet Mr. Gruen in person, which I wrote about in “A Beatles Journey: 09.09.09 in New York City” where I not only met Bob, but at his behest went to see a John Lennon exhibit at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex, but also visited The Dakota, and John’s memorial in Central Park.

I was also able to meet Larry Kane and hear him speak at an event held at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, and although I have been unsuccessful in catching up with Larry after that, I have exchanged emails with him and hope to have the opportunity to pick his brain sometime soon.  Larry is currently working on a third book about The Beatles and their time in Liverpool prior to super-stardom, and I look forward to reading it.

In the past year, I’ve read over a dozen books on The Beatles, I’ve shaken hands with three people who shook Beatles hands (third degree?), and I’ve watched virtually every Beatles film and documentary I could get a hold of.   Today, my favorite album is Rubber Soul, but I anticipate that could change at any time.

So what’s next?  well, I’ve recently finished reading Sir George Martin’s book “All You Need Is Ears” – a brilliant book I might add – and am currently putting the finishing touches on that review (and patiently waiting for an illustration of Sir George).  I’ve begun reading “John’ by Cynthia Lennon, and I am currently in the process of trying to get my hands on tickets for the August 2010 Paul McCartney concert in Philadelphia while planning a pilgrimage to Las Vegas to see The Beatles Cirque show.  All Beatles, all the time.

And that’s where I am with The Beatles.  I continue to be amazed by their contributions to music and popular culture, and their continuing impact on everything that has come since.

-Craig Sumsky

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