My Experience In The Cutting Edge Incubator

Philadelphia DJ

Over the past two years at Cutting Edge Entertainment, my outlook towards life has drastically changed. I attribute a lot of that change to DJ practices with Craig, Richie and the rest of the guys. Cutting Edge has been slowly influencing me since the day I walked in the door for the first time. Thanks to everyone at Cutting Edge Entertainment for that, especially and most importantly my Mom. My Mother was fairly persistent in getting me to agree to go to one of the DJ practices, and it’s a good thing she didn’t allow my “tunnel vision” to prevent me from getting in the way of what is perhaps the most influential thrill ride of my life so far.

The biggest change I have noticed in myself is that I’m more open minded. When I came to Cutting Edge I had the mindset that the music I liked was the “best” and all other genres of music were a waste of my time. Starting with Big Band like Frank Sinatra and Louis Prima. I used to despise “old boring music” but now I have a new-found respect and understanding of it, and now I really enjoy listening to Big Band and Jazz music. My other big revelation was dance music! Everything from Motown to Disco to today’s Pop. There is a lot of music that I was too closed minded to listen to, but Cutting Edge has changed that. Not only do I listen to broader types of music but I have noticed I am more open to new foods or different books.  Some people might say I am just growing up but I attribute a lot of my newer outlook to my lessons at Cutting Edge.

Perhaps the most important thing I have picked up from my time at Cutting Edge is problem solving. When Richie and Adam taught me to troubleshoot the systems they stressed that you must remain calm and take the logical approach. You start from the beginning and take your time so you don’t miss something important in your haste. Also I have learned that shortcuts rarely ever pay and more commonly bite you in the butt later. It may be easier to carelessly toss wires under the table but at the end of the night all you end up with is a giant mess.

Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. – Confucius

Cutting Edge is a dream job for me and this quote has only proven to be true. The only thing I can be sure that hasn’t changed since I came to Cutting Edge Entertainment is that I love music, and since Cutting Edge maybe I love it a little bit more.


Jack Duggan
The Quiet One
a.k.a. DJ Summer School

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  1. Marc

    You are a great member of the family. It is always a pleasure to work with you even if you left my equipment at a job. Keep up the good work as you are a future star!

  2. Foltzy

    great piece Jack! You are one of the guys that help make our team so strong. Glad you are staying close next year as you continue to rise with me in the Cutting Edge ranks!

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