Holy New Websites Batman!

In the last year, Cutting Edge Entertainment has become the most trafficked event industry website in the Philadelphia region.  As it happens, we were able to achieve this with an ‘old school’ template website that – although cool in its day – had become about as outdated as a VHS tape.

Today all of that changes.  I proudly present to you the new look of Cutting Edge Entertainment, Inc.

Cutting Edge Entertainment


The objective of our new website was to even further optimize our online “findability” using a new and evolvable platform that could adapt quickly to changes.  Our SEO campaign has been fueled by our blog, so we based the new design around the blog.  The next goal was to make it easy to navigate.  Although specific descriptions, options and product services will become more detailed every day, simplicity of navigation was key.  There is so much content through the blog that we wanted information to be easily accessible, hence the easy navigation bar at the top just under the banner.

Two months of planning, and the past two weeks of final preparation and our new WordPress based website has finally launched.  The site still needs some tweaking and tightening, but for the most part it’s finally gotten to the point where I’m ready to show it to the world.

Although I (Craig) am authoring this particular post, I’ve already used the collective tense of ‘we’.  This is no grammatical mistake, as I owe a great deal of the credit to my team, whom I’d like to thank for not only their hard work, but for putting up with my obsessive neurosis over the past two or three weeks.

First and foremost I would like to thank Denis Sinelnikov at Media Components.  Poor Denis has been the catalyst for everything that has gone into making this project happen, in addition to making me start blogging in the first place.  Even more, he deserves a medal for putting up with me, which in itself is a task worthy of Sainthood.

Next I would like to thank Igor Bogdanov, the code writer, for his flexibility and willingness to help me to achieve some SEO changes that should really make a huge impact in driving even more traffic to the website and blog.

Of course there is Pedro, our Creative Director and IT guru, who has put the ‘cutting edge’ into Cutting Edge Entertainment for over a decade.  His assistance in the early stages of development was invaluable.

To my friend Sean Gallo, who has been my advisor and ghost editor for the past two years, as well as my internet wingman from the YouTube days.  Thank you, I’m grateful for all the brilliant verbiage.

And last but not least, a shout out to my new friend Scott Allen, a new friend and testament to the power of twitter.  Scott is one of the few real SEO wizards I’ve found out there in the void we call the internet, and his tips and advice were of great value.

Gratitude is important to me, so in summary, Igor, Pedro, Sean, Scott and most notably Denis, thank you very much.  Your time, help, and guidance are much appreciated.


Denis Sinelnikov – www.MediaComponents.com

Igor Bogdanov – www.MediaComponents.com

Sean Gallo – www.seangallodesigns.wordpress.com

Scott Allen – www.ScottSocialMediaAllen.com

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  1. Justin Guarini

    Congrats, Craig. The new site looks great and I can’t wait to see what you and the wizards of CE do with it.
    Makes me miss the old days.

  2. I love the new website. It’s great that you acknowledge all those people who worked with you, put up with you and helped you achieve this excellent web site. The sky is not even close to your limit.

  3. Craig, awesome job on the new site. There’s so much great info to read about the fabulous team you’ve worked so hard to put together. Kudos to you, everyone at Cutting Edge and the valuable partners you gave props to!! Congrats. PS thanks again for your help in getting my car out of “hot waters”!!!!

  4. Craig,

    I am really happy with the way the upgraded design of your blog/website is looking.

    Thank you for kind words and patience while we worked on the transition to the new design.

    You know Igor and I are always here to lead you along the way to become the best blogger in the universe! =)


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