The Question of The iPod vs. The DJ


In today’s uncertain economic times everyone is looking to save money where ever they can. Substituting the entertainment with an iPod has been a media hot spot this year, so let’s consider the possibilities. Let’s start by stating the obvious about both.

The iPod argument:

There is no question that a bride and groom can rent a quality sound system at a reasonable rate, have it delivered or have a friend bring it to the reception and set it up with play lists all programmed on it with folders designed for cocktails, dinner, program in their 1st dance, the father daughter dance, and their favorite party songs to dance to. You need to consider the amount of time creating these folders are going to take and if you have the access to an extensive music library or the cost of downloading these songs off of the internet. The cost of renting a sound system is probably about $200-$300 on average nationally. The costs of adding music to your iPod obviously will vary.

The DJ argument:

A DJ comes completely self contained and already has all of the music, a quality sound system, and years of experience behind him or her. The average cost of a quality DJ nationally can range from $800 to $3,000 dollars. Median price is probably $1,200.00

The defining difference:

Timing, experience, and enrollment in the moment is the difference and in my personal and professional opinion, the defining difference and a deal breaker to consider. A professional DJ with a comprehensive music collection knows when to play what song, and in doing so creates the mood and the energy level appropriate for that moment. They know how to push the crowd musically and verbally to keep that dance floor packed by using their years of experience and training.  Now let’s talk about enrollment. My goal as a master of ceremonies is to not just make an announcement about the evening’s activities but to truly enroll the guests into the moment. This comes from years of experience, training, having a creative mind, and a true desire to make each bride’s wedding day memorable, elegant and fun.

A friend will most likely announce the father daughter dance like this. “And now we would like to invite Karen and her father to dance the daddy daughter dance. “ This is a simple and clear announcement.

I personally would ask the bride and her dad a few questions in advance to learn a bit about them and their relationship and my introduction to that same dance would sound more like this. “On November 9, 1970, life in the KoKoruz house would change as they knew it forever with the arrival of our bride Karen Kathleen KoKoruz to her proud parents Steve and Christine. She was delivered into their lives at 1:20 p.m. at St Mary’s Hospital and weighed 7lbs 6 ounces. The doctor presented Karen to her dad for the very first time. He knew that in the blink of any eye those little tiny fingers that he was holding for the first would later be turned over to the man that she would like to spend the rest of her life with. Today that day has come so please join me in a warm proud round of applause as Karen and her dad share their special father daughter dance.”

I hope that as you read this you got a few goose bumps, perhaps even got a bit emotional as you thought about that special dance with your dad, and most importantly realized that an IPod can never make you or your guests feel that way.

Keith “K.C.” KoKoruz
Founder / Owner
The Keith Christopher Entertainment Group

I initially contacted my friend K.C. to co-author an article regarding the iPod vs. DJ concept for another blog.  After reading what he wrote I just couldn’t bring myself to chop it up, with all due credit to the author it stood better on it’s own.  K.C. is one of the most dynamic entertainers I’ve met in my years in this industry, his only shortcoming is that he doesn’t work for Cutting Edge Entertainment here in Philadelphia.  K.C. KoKuruz is the founder of Spinnin’ Discs in Chicago, and has recently moved on to found The Keith Christopher Entertainment Group, and can be contacted at

-Craig Sumsky
Cutting Edge Entertainment

3 Responses

  1. An IPOD could NEVER replace the personal touch of a DJ at an event or make you feel at ease or play that “special request”. A DJ can feel the “pulse” of the crowd and play the appropriate music. An IPOD just plays whatever is on the IPOD in the order that it was placed into the IPOD. Very impersonal…. The right DJ can make your event spectacular and act as the emcee not only for the music but for the cycle of events that happen during the party. An IPOD could never do that.

  2. We have rented sound systems to many brides trying to do exactly this… 95% of the time it didn’t work out the way the Bride and Groom planned. While they took great effort making play lists and timing, a wedding is a fluid event and there is no real way to replace a DJ or MC who can control the flow of the event.

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