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“I get by with a little help from my friends.”
~The Beatles

Sean Gallo is an illustrator, and his contributions to the Cutting Edge Entertainment blog have been invaluable. Sean also happens to have been my friend since the second grade. Friends like Sean come in very handy when I’ve finished writing a blog post and don’t have a cool photo to put with it. Friends like Sean become especially invaluable when they can tolerate the frantic “I need an illustration of (insert whatever), and I need it in a hurry!”

And as things typically go, they aren’t the standard variety of illustrations, they’re always something random with a bit of a twist.

This one was the first I asked of him, and as expected he came through with flying colors. “I need an octopus holding drumsticks in its tentacles, and I need it by tomorrow” was my first request of him. I needed it for a blog entitled ‘Don’t Hate On The Octopus,’ and Sean’s illustration well exceeded my expectations. I call it ‘Ringo The Octopus.’


This next illustration was not only Sean’s creation, but his concept as well.  I had needed something that would encapsulate a DJ thinking, and Sean shot off the idea of a brain with headphones.  I loved it, and this time the deadline was a few hours, to which he chided me for my unreasonable demands while still delivering this great drawing before the end of the day.  He later came back to spruce it up a bit, and you can see the new and improved version on his blog.


I am excited (and grateful) to be able to incorporate his original and creative artwork into our blog, and look forward to featuring more of his illustrations in the future.  Check out Sean’s blog to see more of his amazing work.

Thanks Sean!

-Craig Sumsky

Sean Gallo Designs

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  1. Hello! Nice site. I am a DJ in Fort Lauderdale. I saw your “Meet Your DJ” comments, and the illustrations by Sean Gallo. I couldn’t agree with you more about couples meeting with their DJ. Our company requires it. In fact, absent extenuating circumstances, we simply will not be a party to a wedding organized solely over the phone, email, FB, etc. We would rather pass – and have.
    BTW,, can you tell me how to email or otherwise PM Sean Gallo? Can’t find any contact for him other than to leave a comment on his site/blog.
    Thank you!

    Darryl Gilbert
    Music Masters Events
    Board of Directors, ADJA
    Board of Directors, NAWP
    Finalist, Florida DJ of the Year

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